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ShowerBuddy TubBuddy Tilt Transfer


ShowerBuddy TubBuddy Tilt Transfer


Introducing TubBuddy Tilt, an enhanced version of the popular TubBuddy designed to provide users with increased maneuverability and improved accessibility during bath-style showers. Tailored to accommodate individuals with varying degrees of mobility impairments, TubBuddy Tilt offers a convenient tilt function that effortlessly clears users’ legs over the bath, making it an ideal choice for those with reduced leg movement. Caregivers supporting individuals with specific needs will find TubBuddy Tilt to be a valuable addition to their caregiving toolkit. Like all Showerbuddy products, TubBuddy Tilt requires no bathroom remodeling; within an hour of initial setup, users can enjoy a complete bathroom mobility solution featuring a high-quality shower chair and a stable tub base. The 0-30 degree tilt not only enhances user comfort and facilitates easier transfers for caregivers but also provides essential pressure relief for improved comfort and weight distribution. The tilt function, operated with an interchangeable release handle, adapts to any bath configuration, offering flexibility for users and caregivers alike. Additionally, TubBuddy Tilt is versatile enough to roll over most toilets, simplifying daily routines and ensuring a more hygienic experience. Say goodbye to the need for bathroom remodeling—TubBuddy Tilt makes life easier and more comfortable for individuals with mobility impairments and their caregivers.

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Introducing the ShowerBuddy Tubbuddy TIlt Transfer – a revolutionary solution designed to enhance safety and convenience during bathtub transfers. Unlike traditional methods, the SB2T incorporates a tilt function, providing users with added comfort and caregivers with greater ease. Standout features include its ability to facilitate transfers without costly bathroom remodeling, ensuring a seamless process. This innovative approach not only saves time and money but also minimizes disruption to the bathroom environment, making it an ideal solution for both residential and institutional settings alike.

The tilt function of the SB2T offers more than just enhanced safety; it also provides additional benefits such as pressure relief and reduced strain on caregivers. By allowing users to slide over the bathtub without the need to lift their legs, the SB2T promotes comfort and independence, ultimately enhancing the overall bathing experience. Caregivers will appreciate the ergonomic design of the SB2T, which minimizes discomfort during transfers and significantly reduces the physical strain associated with traditional transfer methods.

Versatility is another key aspect of the SB2T bath transfer system. In addition to its primary function as a bath transfer aid, the SB2T can also be used as a commode chair, providing users with added convenience and flexibility in their daily routines. Equipped with smooth-rolling wheels, the SB2T can effortlessly maneuver over most toilets, making it a practical solution for individuals with mobility challenges. This versatility ensures that users can maintain their independence and dignity while performing essential daily tasks.

Furthermore, the SB2T boasts an impressive weight capacity of 250kg, ensuring sturdy support for users of varying sizes and body types. This robust design not only enhances safety and stability but also instills confidence in both users and caregivers, allowing them to focus on the task at hand without worrying about equipment failure or safety concerns. Whether used in a residential bathroom or a healthcare facility, the SB2T provides peace of mind and reliability in every transfer.

The SB2T bath transfer system is designed with user comfort and safety in mind. Its adjustable tilt feature allows for optimal positioning during transfers, reducing the risk of slips, falls, and other accidents. The soft, padded seat and backrest ensure maximum comfort for users, while the sturdy construction provides stability and support throughout the transfer process. Additionally, the SB2T is equipped with safety straps and locking mechanisms to prevent unintended movement and ensure a secure transfer every time.

In addition to its functional benefits, the SB2T bath transfer system is also aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean. The sleek, modern design seamlessly blends into any bathroom decor, while the durable materials are resistant to water, mold, and mildew, ensuring long-lasting performance and easy maintenance. Whether used in a private residence or a healthcare facility, the SB2T is a practical and stylish solution for safe and comfortable bathtub transfers.

Overall, the ShowerBuddy TubBuddy Tilt Transfer system represents a significant advancement in assistive technology for individuals with mobility challenges. Its innovative design, versatility, and reliability make it a standout choice for users and caregivers alike. With the SB2T, users can enjoy greater independence and dignity during bathing routines, while caregivers can perform transfers more safely and efficiently. Say goodbye to costly bathroom remodeling and hello to the simplicity and convenience of the SB2T bath transfer system.

Prior to utilizing the Showerbuddy SB2T bath transfer system, it’s advisable to verify its correct installation and operation through the BathCheck app.

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  • Tilt Functionality: Enhanced maneuverability with a 0-30 degree tilt for easier leg clearance over the bath
  • Quick Setup: Complete bathroom mobility solution in under an hour, no remodeling required
  • Caregiver Convenience: Interchangeable release handle for effortless transfers and enhanced user comfort
  • Adaptable Design: Tilt function adjusts to any bath configuration for maximum flexibility
  • Stable Platform: Features a stable tub base for user security during bath-style showers
  • Toilet Accessibility: Rolls over most toilets, adding convenience to daily routines


  • Tilt angle: 0-30 degrees
  • Caster Wheels -125mm x 4 locking
  • Safe working load: 250kg
  • Toilet Height Clearance (maximum) 500mm
  • Toilet width clearance at narrowest 375mm (at casters)
  • Toilet clearance can depend upon the shape of the toilet pan
  • Bridge Length (Standard) 300mm or Accessory 200mm or customized
  • Chair Width – over caster wheels 490mm
  • Chair Width ? over arms 570mm
  • Chair Width ? Inside Arms 475mm – smaller users see accessory pages
  • Chair Length – including footrest 1060mm (940mm with footrests fitted
  • Chair Tilt 0-30 degrees with infinite positioning and lock
  • Backrest Width 460mm
  • Backrest Height from Cushion to top 440mm


TubBuddy Tilt Transfer System Manual

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