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ShowerBuddy TubBuddy Transfer System SB2


ShowerBuddy TubBuddy Transfer System SB2


Step into a new era of convenience and accessibility with the SB2 Bath Transfer System from Showerbuddy. This innovative solution seamlessly becomes a part of your daily routine, going beyond the traditional role of a bathing aid. The TubBuddy effortlessly transforms into a practical toilet aid and a reliable bedside commode, ensuring a versatile and comprehensive approach to daily living. Experience the smooth transfers, heightened safety, and unparalleled comfort that the Showerbuddy SB2 Bath Transfer System brings to individuals with mobility challenges. Choose this revolutionary system to redefine how daily activities are approached, creating a world where comfort meets accessibility. Join us in fostering independence and enriching lifestyles for everyone.

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Discover the revolutionary ShowerBuddy TubBuddy Transfer System SB2 – a groundbreaking solution designed to simplify life for individuals facing mobility challenges and their dedicated caregivers. It transcends the role of a traditional bathing aid by seamlessly adapting into a practical toilet chair and a convenient bedside commode when not in use.

As the anticipated shower time approaches, the TubBuddy’s thoughtful design ensures a smooth and secure experience. The rolling base effortlessly connects to the elevated tub base, forming a stable bridge for a straightforward transfer. Caregivers can guide users into the bathtub, benefiting from anti-slip stabilizing feet and side stabilizers that provide additional support and safety.

Following the invigorating shower, caregivers effortlessly guide the user out of the bathtub, maintaining comfort and security. The TubBuddy’s versatility extends further – the rolling base/chair conveniently transforms into a bedside commode for nighttime use, addressing accessibility needs precisely when required.

For users seeking a comfortable toilet aid experience, the TubBuddy steps up to the plate. Simply position it over the toilet, adjust the height as needed, and secure it with stable locking caster wheels. Crafted with non-corrosive, water-resistant materials, the TubBuddy prioritizes hygiene with easy cleaning.

Showerbuddy’s unwavering commitment to innovation shines through in the SB2 Bath Transfer System. Whether it’s simplifying the bathing routine, ensuring seamless transfers, or offering a reliable commode system, the TubBuddy stands as a comprehensive and adaptable solution, addressing the diverse needs of individuals facing mobility challenges and their caregivers.

Embark on an experience of accessible bathing and daily activities with Showerbuddy TubBuddy Transfer System SB2. Invest in this intuitive and user-friendly solution that redefines how individuals with mobility challenges approach their daily routines. Join us in creating a world where accessibility seamlessly merges with comfort, empowering everyone for a fulfilling, independent lifestyle. Choose the SB2 Bath Transfer System for a practical and holistic approach to well-being and accessibility.

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  • No rust aluminum frame (Grade 6061 T6).
  • Stainless steel parts and hardware (Grade 304).
  • Footrest – fold-up foot rest on rolling base and on bath base.
  • Safety belts – lap & chest belts.
  • Caster wheels – 125mm x 4 locking.
  • Commode system.
  • Tool-free assembly.

  • Weight capacity – 250kg.
  • Rolls over most standard toilets.
  • Arms – removable / lockable / flip-back.
  • Height adjustable.
  • Safety mechanisms & side stabilizers on bath base.


  • Chair width – over caster wheels 490mm.
  • Chair width – over arms 570mm.
  • Chair width – inside arms 475mm.
  • Chair length – including footrest 845mm (745mm excluding).
  • Backrest width 460mm.
  • Backrest height from Cushion to top 440mm.
  • Toilet height clearance (maximum) 535mm.
  • Toilet width clearance at narrowest 375mm (at casters).
  • Toilet clearance can depend upon the shape of the toilet pan.
  • Bridge length (standard) 300mm or accessory 200mm or customized.
  • Seat cushion dimensions 460mm (W) x 430mm (D).
  • Seat height from floor 575mm to 675mm (Adjustable).
  • Seat cushion opening 175mm (W) x 335mm (L).
  • Bath tub base unit width over feet 335mm.
  • Bath tub height from floor 535mm maximum.
  • Bath tub depth up to 530mm maximum.
  • Bath tub width for stabilisers 440mm – 680mm.
  • Box dimensions (L) 680mm x (W) 580mm x (H) 810mm.
  • Box gross weight 32.4kg.



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