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Etac Back Washer

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Etac Back Washer

Discover the Etac Back Washer, designed for effortless back cleaning during bath or shower routines. Featuring an ergonomic oval handle for a secure grip and a lightweight, non-absorbent washcloth that’s easy to maneuver and maintain. Perfect for enhancing personal hygiene with comfort and ease.

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Etac Back Washer: Effortless Back Cleaning

The Etac Back Washer simplifies back cleaning during bath or shower routines with its ergonomic design and lightweight, non-absorbent washcloth. This bathing tool minimizes strain on hands, shoulders, and arms while ensuring thorough cleanliness.

Ergonomic Oval Handle: Designed for a secure, non-slip grip, the oval handle accommodates enough room for two-handed use, ideal for individuals with limited mobility or strength.

Hygienic and Convenient: Thanks to its non-absorbent material, the back washer’s washcloth remains light, balanced and easy to maneuver even when wet. The washcloth is machine washable, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance after each use. An additional washcloth is included with the back washer, ensuring continued freshness and hygiene.

Why Choose the Etac Back Washer?

The Etac Back Washer is a dependable choice for effortless back cleaning. Its ergonomic handle and lightweight washcloth make it accessible and effective for maintaining personal hygiene without unnecessary strain. Whether enhancing your daily routine or aiding someone’s independence, this washer offers comfort and convenience in every use.

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