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MAXI Adjustable Over Toilet Aid


MAXI Adjustable Over Toilet Aid

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Explore our super heavy-duty adjustable width over toilet aid, meticulously designed for ultimate convenience and durability. Featuring a soft, padded flip-up seat for easy cleaning, this aid ensures hygiene is a breeze. Its reinforced aluminum frame is not only corrosion-resistant but also accommodates bariatric users with ease. The height-adjustable legs, equipped with easy circlip adjustment points, cater to various needs. Raised armrests provide valuable assistance during user transfers, enhancing overall safety. Additionally, the durable non-slip feet offer excellent grip and stability even in wet conditions, further bolstered by stainless steel washers for long-lasting durability. Experience the perfect blend of strength and functionality with our over toilet aid.

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Welcome to our website showcasing the Maxi Adjustable Over Toilet Aid, meticulously designed to offer unparalleled support, stability, and comfort for individuals with diverse needs. Crafted with advanced features, this innovative aid ensures ease of use, durability, and safety in various bathroom environments.

At the heart of our design philosophy lies a dedication to serving individuals in need of robust assistance, especially bariatric users. The reinforced aluminum frame of the Over Toilet Aid is engineered to withstand significant weight while remaining resistant to corrosion, ensuring both longevity and reliability. This sturdy construction instills confidence, making it ideal for long-term use.

A standout feature of our Maxi Adjustable Over Toilet Aid is its adaptability to different user requirements. The width of the frame is super heavy-duty and adjustable, extending up to 775mm, providing ample space to accommodate a diverse range of body types comfortably. This flexibility allows users to tailor the aid to their specific needs, enhancing both functionality and comfort.

The soft-padded flip-up seat not only offers a comfortable seating experience but also facilitates easy cleaning, promoting hygiene and convenience. Additionally, the soft padding on the seat and arms provides crucial postural support, ensuring optimal comfort during extended use.

Height adjustment is effortless with the aid of easy C-clip adjustment points, allowing users to customize the aid to their preferred height range. The height-adjustable legs further enhance adaptability, catering to users of varying heights and ensuring proper alignment with toilet fixtures.

For added convenience and safety, the Over Toilet Aid features raised armrests that assist users in transferring on and off the stool with stability and ease. These armrests provide crucial support, empowering users to navigate bathroom routines confidently.

To enhance stability, the aid is equipped with durable non-slip feet that offer exceptional grip, even in wet conditions. This feature ensures reliable support and minimizes the risk of slips or falls, providing peace of mind to users and caregivers alike.

The inclusion of a stainless steel washer enhances the overall durability of the aid, reinforcing critical components and prolonging its lifespan. This attention to detail reflects our commitment to delivering products that prioritize longevity and reliability.

With dimensions ranging from 670mm to 790mm in overall height, 645mm to 845mm in overall width, and 495mm in overall depth, the Over Toilet Aid is designed to fit seamlessly into various bathroom configurations. The adjustable seat height (455mm to 575mm) and sitting width (575mm to 775mm) ensure personalized comfort and accessibility for users of all sizes.

In summary, our Maxi Adjustable Over Toilet Aid represents a pinnacle of innovation and functionality in bathroom assistance devices. From its robust construction to its adjustable features and thoughtful design elements, this aid is engineered to meet the diverse needs of users while prioritizing comfort, safety, and durability. Experience unparalleled support and confidence in your daily bathroom routines with our Over Toilet Aid.

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  • Super heavy duty adjustable width over toilet aid
  • Soft padded flip up seat for easy cleaning
  • Reinforced aluminium frame accommodates bariatric users and is corrosion resistant
  • Height adjustable legs with easy circlip adjustment points
  • Raised armrests to assist the user in transferring on and off the stool
  • Durable non-slip feet provide excellent grip and stability in wet conditions. Stainless steel washer enhances durability


  • Material: Aluminium
  • Seat depth: 455mm
  • Seat width: 575-775mm
  • Seat to floor height: 455-575mm
  • Safe working load: 310kg

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