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ShowerBuddy Petite Converter 2


ShowerBuddy Petite Converter 2


Petite-Buddy P2 allows your standard Showerbuddy chair to be sized to suit a smaller user yet retain the ability to grow with the user saving on expensive chair upgrade costs over time. With a padded backrest cushion (380mm wide) that adjusts for seat depth (325mm to 375mm) and limited recline, reduced width between armrests (420mm), smaller commode opening cushion (170mm) and adjustable padded neck pillow, the P2 offers a solution for smaller users needing to transfer.

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Introducing the ShowerBuddy Petite Converter 2, a revolutionary adaptation designed to customize your standard Showerbuddy chair, catering specifically to smaller users without compromising on versatility. This innovative solution not only provides a comfortable and secure transfer experience but also eliminates the need for costly chair upgrades over time.

The Petite-Buddy P2 transforms your Showerbuddy chair into a tailored seating solution for smaller users, ensuring an optimal fit for their unique needs. The inclusion of a plush backrest cushion, measuring 380mm in width, offers unparalleled comfort. What sets the P2 apart is its adjustable design, accommodating varying seat depths ranging from 325mm to 375mm, ensuring a snug and supportive fit for users of different sizes.

Versatility is key, and the Petite-Buddy P2 addresses this by offering a limited recline feature. This thoughtful addition allows users to find their preferred angle for comfort while maintaining stability during transfers. The reduced width between armrests, measuring 420mm, ensures a secure and cozy feel, promoting confidence in the transfer process.

For added convenience, the ShowerBuddy Petite Converter 2 features a smaller commode opening cushion, measuring 170mm. This design element caters specifically to the needs of smaller users, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit during bathroom transfers. The adjustable padded neck pillow further enhances the overall user experience, providing customizable support based on individual preferences.

One of the standout features of the Petite-Buddy P2 is its ability to grow with the user. This forward-thinking design not only meets the immediate needs of smaller users but also anticipates their potential growth. By eliminating the need for expensive chair upgrades over time, the P2 becomes a cost-effective and sustainable solution, aligning with the changing requirements of the user.

The Petite-Buddy P2 is more than just a seating adaptation; it’s a comprehensive solution that prioritizes the well-being and comfort of smaller users during transfers. The meticulous attention to detail in design, from the padded backrest and adjustable seat depth to the limited recline and reduced armrest width, ensures a seamless and secure transfer experience.

Investing in the Petite-Buddy P2 means investing in the long-term comfort and adaptability of your Showerbuddy chair. Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of chair upgrades as your user’s needs evolve. Embrace the innovative design of the Petite-Buddy P2, where functionality meets flexibility to provide a tailored solution for smaller users needing a reliable and accommodating transfer experience.

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  • Reduced width between armrests (420mm)
  • Smaller commode opening cushion (170mm)
  • Padded backrest cushion (380mm wide) that adjusts for seat depth (325mm to 375mm)


  • Limited recline function
  • Adjustable padded neck pillow


ShowerBuddy Petite Converter 2 Manual 

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