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ShowerBuddy SB1


ShowerBuddy SB1


Welcome to ShowerBuddy SB1 – your gateway to stress-free bathroom accessibility. No more dealing with the complexities and expenses of full bathroom remodels. Our revolutionary shower transfer system effortlessly adapts your existing bathroom, smoothly guiding you across steps and into the shower while seated. Enjoy the convenience of quick setup and easy removal, creating a spacious shower area for a delightful bathing experience. The chair in SB1 caters to your comfort and independence. Perfect for caregivers, the SB1 eliminates the need for heavy lifting during shower times. Invest in reliability with our quality construction. Embrace convenience and freedom with ShowerBuddy SB1 – where innovation meets ease, creating a more accessible and comfortable bathroom.

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Welcome to the world of ShowerBuddy SB1 – an innovative shower transfer system designed to make your existing bathroom accessible without the hassle of expensive and time-consuming remodels. Rediscover the joy of showering without the stress associated with major renovations.

Effortless Accessibility:

The ShowerBuddy SB1 smoothly converts your standard bathroom into an accessible space. If your shower has a step or upstand blocking roll-in access, fear not – the SB1 offers a simple solution. With a seated transfer, this system effortlessly glides you across the step and into the shower, ensuring a hassle-free bathing experience.

Quick Setup, Easy Removal:

A standout feature of the ShowerBuddy SB1 is its ability to integrate seamlessly into your existing bathroom. Setup takes under an hour, providing immediate accessibility. Once in the shower, the bridge and wheeled base can be easily disconnected and rolled away, creating a spacious and unobstructed shower area. The shower door can then close, offering a more enjoyable and private bathing experience.

Versatile for Varied Needs:

The ShowerBuddy SB1 is not limited to a single purpose. Its versatile design caters to various user needs, from quick transfers into the shower to assistance with cleaning. The chair’s adaptability, combined with easy maneuverability, makes it a versatile and indispensable addition to any bathroom.

A ShowerBuddy for Caregivers:

For caregivers or family members assisting with shower routines, the ShowerBuddy SB1 is a game-changer. The transfer system eliminates the need for heavy lifting during shower times, providing a more comfortable and manageable experience. The detachable bridge ensures easy caregiver access, streamlining the process for both the user and their support system.

Quality Construction for Reliability:

Crafted with a combination of aluminum and stainless steel, the ShowerBuddy SB1 boasts a robust and durable construction. The patented chair and bridge design enhance its reliability, ensuring consistent functionality day in and day out. Invest in a solution that not only meets your immediate accessibility needs but also stands the test of time.

Embrace Convenience, Embrace Freedom:

In summary, the ShowerBuddy SB1 transcends traditional bathroom accessibility constraints. Say goodbye to the daunting prospect of full bathroom remodels, excessive costs, and lengthy delays. Embrace a shower transfer system that provides accessibility with unmatched convenience, adaptability, and user-friendly design. ShowerBuddy SB1 – where ease meets innovation, transforming your bathroom into a haven of accessibility and comfort.

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  • Rolls over most standard toilets.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Arms – removable / lockable / flip-back.
  • Height adjustable.
  • Safety mechanisms.
  • No rust aluminum frame (Grade 6061 T6).
  • Stainless steel parts and hardware (Grade 304).
  • Footrest – fold-up.
  • Safety belts – lap & chest belts.
  • Commode system.
  • Tool-free assembly.


  • Weight capacity – 250kg.
  • Chair width – over caster wheels 520mm.
  • Chair width – over arms 570mm.
  • Chair width – inside arms 475mm.
  • Chair length – including footrest 800mm (640mm excluding).
  • Backrest width 460mm.
  • Backrest height from cushion to top 440mm.
  • Toilet height clearance (maximum) 510mm.
  • Toilet width clearance at narrowest 295mm (centre of track, approx. 200mm above floor).
  • Toilet clearance can depend upon the shape of the toilet pan.
  • Bridge length (standard) 405mm or accessory 200mm or 300mm or customized.
  • Seat cushion dimensions 460mm W x 430mm D.
  • Seat height from floor 550mm to 675mm (Adjustable).
  • Seat cushion opening 175mm W x 335mm L.
  • Shower base unit dimensions 5000mm x 455mm.
  • Box dimensions 760mm x 570mm x 630mm.
  • Box gross weight 29.7kg.
  • Caster wheels – 125mm x 4 locking.



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