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IC30 Medium Gel Infused Mattress


IC30 Medium Gel Infused Mattress

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Discover the IC30 Gel-Infused ActiveX™ Mattress featuring Charcoal and Firm Edge Support, your key to a restful night’s sleep. Crafted for ultimate comfort and support, this mattress combines gel-infused technology to maintain an ideal sleeping temperature, ensuring a cool and cozy surface. Charcoal infusion adds the benefit of odor and moisture absorption, guaranteeing a fresh and hygienic sleep environment. The ActiveX™ material responds to both temperature and pressure, offering an exceptional balance of support, comfort, and superior pressure relief for a truly revitalizing slumber.

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Welcome to the world of rejuvenating sleep with the IC30 Gel Infused Mattress, where innovation meets comfort for an unparalleled sleep experience. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this mattress is engineered to provide the ultimate combination of support, pressure care, and tranquility for a restful night’s sleep.

At the heart of the IC30 Gel-Infused ActiveX™ Mattress lies its groundbreaking Gel Infusion technology. Designed to regulate temperature, the gel infusion ensures a consistently cool and refreshing sleep surface, allowing you to drift off into a peaceful slumber without the discomfort of overheating. Say goodbye to restless nights spent tossing and turning, as the innovative gel infusion creates an oasis of comfort that adapts to your body’s unique contours.

But the benefits don’t end there. The IC30 mattress goes above and beyond by incorporating charcoal into its design, effectively neutralizing odors and moisture for a clean and hygienic sleeping environment. Experience the difference as the charcoal works tirelessly to absorb unwanted odors and moisture, leaving your mattress feeling fresh and rejuvenated every time you lay down to rest.

The ActiveX™ technology embedded within the mattress takes comfort and support to new heights. Temperature and pressure-sensitive, ActiveX™ provides an optimal balance of immersion and envelopment, cradling your body with unparalleled support while ensuring maximum comfort throughout the night. Bid farewell to restless nights and wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized, thanks to the superior pressure care offered by the ActiveX™ technology.

Speaking of pressure care, the IC30 mattress boasts an impressive rating based on average peak pressure of less than 19mmHg. For those with higher risk profiles, Icare Zerotec covers are recommended, providing an additional layer of protection and peace of mind. Backed by extensive research, therapist recommendations, and industry comparisons, the IC30 mattress is designed to deliver uncompromising pressure relief for a truly restorative sleep experience.

When it comes to durability and peace of mind, the IC30 Gel-Infused ActiveX™ Mattress truly shines. Icare Medical Group stands behind the quality and craftsmanship of the ActiveX™ Mattress with a 10-year limited warranty against defective materials and workmanship. Rest easy knowing that your investment is protected, allowing you to enjoy years of restful sleep and rejuvenation without worry.

In conclusion, the IC30 Gel-Infused ActiveX™ Mattress redefines the standards of comfort, support, and pressure care, setting a new benchmark for excellence in sleep technology. Experience the difference for yourself and embark on a journey to better sleep with the IC30 mattress – where innovation meets tranquility for a truly rejuvenating night’s sleep.

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  • 200mm Mattress Depth
  • No turn design reducing manual handling
  • Anticrease XP base to allow easy contour for any profiling bed
  • Mattress depth: 200mm
  • Gel Infused
  • Immersion Rating: Medium
  • Envelopment Score: 4/5
  • Safe working load: 20-228kg



Code: IC30S
Mattress Size: 1900 x 900


Long Single
Code: IC30LS
Mattress Size: 2030 x 900


King Single
Code: IC30KS
Mattress Size: 2030 x 1070


Code: IC30SQ
Mattress Size: 2030 x 750 (Per side)

Code: IC30D
Mattress Size: 1900 x 1350


Long Double
Code: IC30LD
Mattress Size: 2030 x 1350


Split Queen
Code: IC30Q
Mattress Size: 2030 x 1520

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