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Sentida 6 Mobile Nursing Bed


Sentida 6 Mobile Nursing Bed


The Sentida 6 nursing bed for home is mobile at every bed height, with a variety of castor choices. With a maximum working load capacity load of 270 kg and a foot-end brake bar with 4-castor central braking system, this bed is great for those who need a comfortable and stylish nursing bed.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Protection and mobility without FDM (Freedom-depriving measures)
  • Safety by day and night
  • Safe nursing care, mobilization and sleep
  • Flexible and time-saving
  • Effective bedsore prevention
  • Intuitive operation
  • Energy efficiency and stability
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The selection of materials and colors for the Sentida 6 mobile nursing bed follows current, natural living trends. This way, a cozy, warm atmosphere, in which the resident feels safe and protected, is created.

The SafeFree® divided side guard system is patented and voluntarily certified. The technology has been tested in practice more than 500,000 times. You can lower the space-saving side guards quickly in only 2 seconds and individually adjust them to four heights, depending on the care situation and size of the resident.

1) No Protection Needed

1. no protection needed

Lowered, the divided side guards look homely and provide unhindered access to the resident for daily routine nursing tasks. No need to take off and store accessories that are in the way, such as a middle post or fixed side guards.

2) Soft protection

2) Soft protection

For safety at night, it is often sufficient to combine the low position of the bed with the first height level of the head-end side guard. This avoids unnecessary barriers and effectively reduces the risk of falls on the long term. The resident can orient himself without being restricted.

3) 3/4 protection

3) 3/4 Protection

Creates a deliberate bed egress gap at the foot end to reduce freedom-depriving measures (FDM) while at the same time maintaining a high safety standard.

4) Full protection (FDM*) for mattresses up to 18 cm

Full protection (FDM*) for mattresses up to 18 cm

The highest position provides comprehensive protection of the resident. The distance between the two parts of the side guards is minimal, making them just as safe as a continuous side guard and exceeding the requirements of the standard IEC 60601-2-52. It is not necessary to stock up on accessories to close a central gap when using an abdominal belt for restraint.