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Bariatric Configura Recliner Chair


Bariatric Configura Recliner Chair

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Discover the ultimate solution in bariatric seating with the Configura Bariatric Electric Riser Recliner Chair. Engineered with advanced Configura technology, this chair offers unparalleled adjustability and comfort for users of all sizes. With independent leg-rest and backrest motors, customizable dimensions, and optional pressure relief features, it’s designed to meet diverse needs effortlessly. Experience peace of mind with easy maintenance, affordability, and a commitment to user well-being. Upgrade to the Configura Bariatric Chair and redefine comfort today.

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Introducing the Bariatric Configura Recliner Chair: Where Advanced Technology Meets Bariatric Seating

Welcome to the forefront of bariatric seating innovation with the Bariatric Configura Recliner Chair. Designed to revolutionize the comfort and support for users with varying needs, this chair integrates Configura technology to provide unmatched adjustability and versatility.

Crafted to cater to a diverse range of users, the Configura Bariatric Chair boasts adjustable features that prioritize comfort and postural support. Equipped with independent leg-rest and backrest motors, users can personalize their seating experience to their exact preferences. With a remarkable weight capacity of 317 kilograms, this chair ensures stability and reliability for users of all sizes.

Understanding the importance of accommodating individual dimensions, the Configura Bariatric Chair offers various customization options. The seat width of 32 inches provides ample space for most users, while additional accessories are available for those requiring wider or narrower configurations. With seat depths ranging from 20 to 22 inches, users can find the perfect fit for their comfort. Moreover, adjustable armrests and a seat height of 18 inches further enhance the ergonomic design of this chair, promoting optimal posture and support.

Beyond its exceptional adjustability, the Configura Bariatric Chair is engineered for durability and convenience. Featuring removable and washable covers, maintenance is effortless, ensuring hygiene and cleanliness are always maintained. This not only simplifies upkeep but also promotes a hygienic environment for users.

For users at high risk of pressure damage, the Configura Bariatric Chair offers an optional full-width alternating air cushion. This advanced feature provides superior pressure relief, minimizing the risk of discomfort or injury for vulnerable users. By prioritizing user well-being, this chair offers peace of mind to both prescribers and users alike.

One of the hallmarks of the Configura Bariatric Chair is its adaptability before and after delivery. With easy adjustment capabilities, users can modify the chair to accommodate changing needs effortlessly. Whether it’s adjusting for comfort preferences or adapting to evolving health requirements, this chair ensures seamless transitions and continued support.

In addition to its exceptional functionality, the Configura Bariatric Chair is designed with affordability in mind. By providing consistent budget management and significant cost savings compared to specialized chairs, this model offers a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality or performance.

In summary, the Configura Bariatric Electric Riser Recliner Chair represents the pinnacle of bariatric seating innovation. With its unparalleled adjustability, comfort-focused design, and commitment to user well-being, this chair sets a new standard for excellence in bariatric seating solutions. Experience the difference of Configura technology and discover a new level of comfort and support for users of all sizes and needs.

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  • Easy adjustment to suit needs required.
  • Washable covers.


  • Weight capacity: 317kg
  • Legrest capacity: 158kg.
  • Tilt-in-space option available.
  • Medium-high risk pressure relief as standard.
  • Independent backrest.
  • Independent legrest.
  • Adjustable width and depth.
  • Riser function.


  • The Dual Motor (Standard) functionality grants users independent control over legrest elevation and backrest recline, ensuring limitless positioning options for optimal comfort and support, ideal for users with diverse needs. Equipped with four buttons on the handset, it does not include Tilt-in-Space feature.
  • Featuring Tilt-in-Space with independent legrest, this innovation enhances pelvic stability, posture, and circulation while reducing pressure sores. It also aids hoisting and is suitable for users with limited knee flexion or shortened hamstrings.


Configura Bariatric Recliner Chair Manual

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