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Configura Bariatric Recliner Chair TIS/STD


Configura Bariatric Recliner Chair TIS/STD

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Introducing the Configura Bariatric electric riser recliner chair – the pinnacle of comfort and functionality in bariatric seating. With cutting-edge Configura technology, customizable features, and advanced pressure relief options, this chair is designed to meet the diverse needs of users. Experience unparalleled comfort and peace of mind with the Configura Bariatric chair – the perfect blend of luxury and practicality.

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Introducing the Configura Bariatric electric riser recliner chair – a revolutionary blend of cutting-edge Configura technology and bariatric seating, meticulously crafted to cater to the diverse needs of users. With its unparalleled adjustability, pressure management, and postural support features, this chair sets a new standard in comfort and functionality for individuals across a wide spectrum of requirements.

Personalized Comfort:

At the heart of the Configura Bariatric chair is its commitment to customization and adaptability. This model boasts independent leg-rest and independent backrest motors, allowing users to tailor their seating experience to perfection. Whether it’s finding the ideal recline angle, adjusting pressure points, or ensuring optimal support, this chair empowers users to personalize their comfort like never before.

Impressive Specifications:

Designed to accommodate users of varying sizes and needs, the Configura Bariatric chair offers impressive specifications. With a weight capacity of up to 254 kg and a leg-rest capacity of 127 kg, it provides robust support without compromising on comfort. The seat dimensions, including options for width and depth adjustments, ensure a tailored fit for each individual. Additionally, the chair’s riser function facilitates smooth transitions in and out of the seat, promoting independence and ease of use.

Luxurious Options:

The Configura Bariatric Recliner isn’t just about practicality – it’s about elevating the user experience to new heights. With the option to upgrade to custom Black Faux Leather upholstery, users can add a touch of luxury to their environment without sacrificing functionality. The chair’s Configura technology brings a new level of sophistication to bariatric seating, offering unparalleled adjustability, flexibility, and peace of mind for prescribers and users alike.

Advanced Pressure Relief:

For users at higher risk of pressure damage, the Configura Bariatric chair can be equipped with a full-width alternating air cushion, providing advanced pressure relief and enhanced comfort. This ensures that even those with specialized needs can enjoy optimal support and well-being.

Easy Adjustment and Maintenance:

One of the hallmarks of the Configura Bariatric chair is its ease of adjustment and maintenance. With quick and effortless adjustment options both before and after delivery, users can adapt the chair to suit their evolving needs with minimal hassle. The removable, washable covers make cleaning and maintenance a breeze, promoting hygiene and prolonging the chair’s lifespan.

Cost-Effective Solution:

In addition to its unparalleled functionality, the Configura Bariatric Recliner is also designed with affordability in mind. By providing consistent budget management and significant savings compared to specialized chairs, it offers a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality or performance.

In summary, the Configura Bariatric electric riser recliner chair represents a leap forward in bariatric seating technology. With its innovative features, customizable design, and commitment to user comfort and well-being, it redefines what’s possible in the realm of seating solutions for individuals with diverse needs. Whether in a healthcare setting or at home, this chair is poised to make a positive impact on the lives of users and caregivers alike.

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  • Easy Adjustments
  • Quick and easy to recycle via removable, washable covers
  • Medium-high risk pressure relief as standard
  • Independent backrest
  • Independent legrest
  • Adjustable width and depth
  • Riser function
  • Tilt-in-space or Standard options available.


  • 254 kg Weight Capacity
  • 127 kg / 158 kg Legrest capacity
  • TIS Seat Width: 24″ – 28″
  • TIS Seat Height: 16″ – 20″
  • STD Seat Width: 24″ – 28″
  • STD Seat Height: 16″ – 18″