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Reform Neck Support Cushion


Reform Neck Support Cushion

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Introducing our Reform Neck Support, designed with a distinctive moulded shape that provides unparalleled neck support and lateral reinforcement. Crafted from the innovative ActiveX™ material infused with charcoal, this neck support offers a dynamic blend of very high density and slow-forming capabilities. Experience superior temperature control and pressure reduction for optimal comfort. Our unique modelling further enhances neck support during sitting positions, ensuring a comfortable and personalized experience. Elevate your relaxation with our thoughtfully designed Reform Neck Support.

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Welcome to The Reform Neck Support Cushion

Discover Comfort, Support, and Relief

The Reform Neck Support Cushion, we understand the importance of maintaining proper neck support, especially during prolonged sitting positions. That’s why we’ve developed a revolutionary neck support system designed to provide unparalleled comfort and relief.

Unique Molded Shape

Our neck support features a unique molded shape with lateral support, ensuring optimal alignment and stability for your neck. Whether you’re working at your desk, watching TV, or travelling, our support system cradles your neck, minimizing strain and discomfort.

Support in Sitting Positions

Say goodbye to neck pain and stiffness caused by poor posture. The Reform Neck Support is specifically engineered to provide reliable support while sitting, promoting proper spinal alignment and reducing the risk of tension headaches and muscle fatigue.

Charcoal Infused ActiveX™

Experience the next level of comfort with our charcoal-infused ActiveX™ material. Crafted with very high density slow-forming ActiveX™ material infused with charcoal fusion, our support system helps regulate temperature and alleviate pressure points for a blissful sitting experience.

Unique Modelling for Comprehensive Support

The Reform Neck Support boasts a unique shape that contours to your back, featuring extended upper back arms and a two-way curve for lower back support. This innovative design ensures comprehensive support for your entire back, reducing strain and enhancing comfort.


  • Feel Rating: Medium
  • Material: High Density Charcoal ActiveX™
  • User Weight Capacity: 50kg – 130kg
  • Warranty: 2 Year Warranty

Care & Cleaning

Maintaining your Reform Neck Support is simple. The outer cover is made from 100% recycled polyester, with a mesh polyester inner cover. To clean, simply launder the cover in a washing machine at a minimum temperature of 65°C for at least 10 minutes. The cover can be tumble dried on low heat, with a maximum temperature of 60°C. The foam core can be autoclaved at 134°C, ensuring thorough sanitation.

Pressure Care & Uses

Our ICare Reform support range is ergonomically molded to reduce pressure and redistribute weight, alleviating pain and discomfort. Designed to support and align the body, our products are ideal for individuals seeking relief from high-risk pressure points.

For high-risk clients, we recommend assessing pressure points using a pressure-reducing surface and conducting visual checks over a 5-day period to monitor progress and ensure optimal comfort.

2 Year Standard Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with our 2-year standard warranty, covering any manufacturing defects or issues with your Reform Neck Support.

Experience the Difference with The Reform Neck Support

Invest in your comfort and well-being with The Reform Neck Support. Say goodbye to neck pain and discomfort and hello to unparalleled support and relief. Order yours today and discover a new level of comfort with every sit.

Contact us today for more information!


  • Unique Moulded Design: Experience exceptional neck support with our Reform Neck Support’s distinct moulded shape, providing optimal comfort and lateral reinforcement
  • Charcoal-Infused ActiveX™ Material: The innovative ActiveX™ material, infused with charcoal, ensures very high density and slow-forming capabilities, contributing to effective temperature control and pressure reduction
  • Temperature Control: Benefit from the advanced charcoal fusion, maintaining an ideal temperature for a comfortable and relaxing experience.
  • Personalized Support: Our neck support is specially designed to offer personalized comfort, adapting to various sitting positions for enhanced relaxation
  • Versatile Modelling: The unique modelling of our Reform Neck Support ensures reliable neck support during different activities, making it a versatile and adaptable accessory
  • Elevate Your Relaxation: With a focus on both design and functionality, our neck support is crafted to elevate your relaxation, providing a premium experience for your well-being


  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Charcoal-Infused ActiveX™
  • User Weight Capacity: 50kg – 130kg
  • Feel Rating: Medium

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