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Reform Seat Support


Reform Seat Support

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Discover the pinnacle of comfort and support with Reform seat cushions. Engineered with an ergonomically designed shape and featuring very high density ActiveX™ material, these cushions prioritize your well-being. The redistribution of weight to low-pressure areas alleviates pain points and promotes a healthier posture. With a non-slip base for added stability, users experience heightened support, unparalleled comfort, and reduced pressure points. The infusion of charcoal into the ActiveX™ material contributes to temperature control and further pressure reduction. The unique molded design maximizes support over a broader area, effectively reducing pressure for an enhanced seating experience.

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  • High-Density Comfort: Reform Seat Cushions boast high-density ActiveX™ for unparalleled comfort and support
  • Weight Redistribution: The ergonomically designed shape redistributes weight to low-pressure areas, minimizing discomfort
  • Posture Enhancement: Experience improved posture as the cushions reduce pressure points, promoting spinal well-being
  • Non-Slip Stability: Equipped with a non-slip base, these cushions provide stability for a secure seating experience
  • Charcoal Infusion: The ActiveX™ material infused with charcoal ensures temperature control for added comfort
  • Unique Molded Design: The cushions feature a uniquely molded design that maximizes support over a broader area, reducing pressure points effectively


  • Feel Rating: Medium
  • Material: High Densitiy Charcoal ActiveX™
  • Mesh Polyester Inner Cover.
  • User Weight: 50kg – 130kg
  • Warranty: 2 Year Warranty
  • Dimensions: W480mm x D420mm x H110mm

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