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ROHO AirLite Cushion


ROHO AirLite Cushion

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Discover the ROHO AirLite Cushion – your go-to seating solution prioritizing both comfort and mobility. Engineered for stability and pressure injury prevention, this cushion boasts a unique design facilitating seamless transfers and unmatched support. Supported by scientific validation and equipped with top-tier features such as exceptional bottom-out protection and durable build, the AirLite cushion guarantees enduring comfort and reassurance. Elevate your seating experience with ROHO’s AirLite Cushion – where innovation harmonizes with comfort.


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Introducing the ROHO AirLite Cushion – a groundbreaking seating solution meticulously crafted with your comfort, stability, and mobility in mind. Engineered to elevate your seating experience, the AirLite cushion sets a new standard in comfort and protection against pressure injuries.

Designed to enhance transfer abilities while ensuring unparalleled stability, the AirLite cushion features a unique design that lowers the front and middle sections by 3/4 inch (2 cm). This innovative design facilitates smoother transfers, promoting greater mobility and independence. Additionally, deeper leg troughs provide enhanced positioning, offering a secure and stable seating environment.

Backed by clinical, scientific, and engineering evidence, the ROHO AirLite cushion is ideal for individuals at risk of skin and soft tissue breakdown, those requiring increased stability or lower extremity alignment, and those in need of a lightweight, non-adjustable seating system.

Protection is paramount, and ROHO leads the way in providing comprehensive protection against pressure injuries and deep tissue damage. With over 90 scientific and clinical studies supporting its efficacy, the ROHO Dry Floatation cushion is unmatched in healing, treating, and preventing pressure injuries.

Unlike traditional foam products, ROHO Dry Floatation cushions offer unparalleled adjustability and adaptability. They conform to your body’s contours, providing personalized support and comfort, ensuring optimal positioning and pressure distribution.

Equipped with powerful features, the AirLite cushion ensures lasting comfort and support. Its non-adjustable ROHO Air Floatation air insert delivers superior bottom-out protection, while softer foam adds to its adaptability, conforming seamlessly to your body’s physiology.

Durability and simplicity are key features of the AirLite cushion. With a 24-month warranty, you can trust in its quality and longevity. Designed as an off-the-shelf, ready-to-use product, it eliminates the need for complex adjustments, offering convenience and ease of use.

The heavy-duty cover provides enhanced fluid resistance, safeguarding the foam and ensuring its longevity. Additionally, the cover is 100% PVC-free, reflecting ROHO’s commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

Whether you’re navigating daily activities or seeking relief from pressure injuries, the AirLite cushion is your trusted companion. With its unparalleled comfort, protection, and durability, it redefines what it means to sit comfortably and securely. Experience the difference with ROHO’s AirLite Cushion – where innovation meets comfort.

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  • Width: 13″ to 20″
  • Depth: 13″ to 20″
  • Height: Approx. 2″ to 3.75″
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Weight Limit: 136 kg


  • Adjustability
  • Adaptability
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful Features
  • Bottom-Out Protection
  • Softer Foam
  • Durability and Simplicity
  • Heavy Duty Cover


  • 14″ x 14″
  • 14″ x 16″
  • 15″ x 15″
  • 16″ x 16″
  • 16″ x 18″
  • 17″ x 17″
  • 17″ x 18″
  • 18″ x 16″
  • 18″ x 18″
  • 18″ x 20″
  • 19″ x 17″
  • 20″ x 18″

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