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Spex High Contour Cushion


Spex High Contour Cushion

The Spex High Contour Cushion offers exceptional thigh and abductor support with precise pelvic alignment. This cushion is ideal for both symmetrical and asymmetrical sitting postures. Built on advanced Spex technology, it adjusts instantly through a strategic base for customized comfort and stability, accommodating tight hamstrings and hip flexion challenges. Featuring gel-foam and a dual-layer cover for durability and moisture management, it includes an inner incontinence cover for added convenience. Perfect for users needing precise pelvic control and pressure relief.

Spex High Contour Cushion

Introducing the Spex High Contour Cushion, designed to provide excellent thigh and abductor support while ensuring precise pelvic alignment and effective positioning. This cushion stands out for its ability to adjust instantly through its strategic positioning base, making it ideal for addressing both symmetrical and asymmetrical sitting postures with ease.

Built on advanced Spex technology, this cushion offers an optimal pelvic foundation in wheelchairs, catering to varying postural needs on the go. The adjustable base cell system allows for accurate leveling and positioning, accommodating challenges like tight hamstrings or limited hip flexion. Strategically placed contouring pads enable quick, on-the-spot adjustments for a customized fit that enhances comfort and stability.

Featuring gel-foam ischial support, the cushion evenly distributes pressure and minimizes shear forces, particularly in sensitive areas. Its dual-layer cover enhances durability and comfort, with breathable air-mesh sides to manage moisture effectively. The cushion also includes an inner incontinence cover and caters to diverse user needs such as leg length discrepancies.

The Spex High Contour Cushion ensures unparalleled comfort and stability – it’s perfect for individuals requiring precise control over abduction or adduction, those with evolving postural requirements, or anyone needing reliable pelvic support and pressure relief. Whether correcting asymmetrical postures or maintaining consistent pelvic alignment, this cushion is designed for long-term comfort.

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  • Product Weight: 1.6kg