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Gyenno Bravo Twist Spoon


Gyenno Bravo Twist Spoon


The Gyenno Bravo Twist is suitable for people with hand tremors, ranging within 2.7 inch (7cm). The Bravo twist is a steady spoon with self stabilising smart lift kit for Parkinson conditions. The Gyenno Bravo Twist is a complete package including a great size spoon and fork attachment for all kind of meals, suitable for either the left or right hand and replacing  the attachments is much easier with the magnetic connector design.

A wrist strap for extra confidence and a portable light carrying case only weighing 157g, the perfect travelling companion. The Gyenno Bravo Twist with advanced technology design has many functions which will have you enjoying many meals with confidence. The standout features are, the anti-shaking function, the twist spaghetti or pasta function which is a single push to activate, and hand tremor data of users can be recorded and transferred to the app site. Flat batteries will not be a worry with the build-in rechargeable battery design with low failure rate of up to, 2.5 hours of use from 180mins of charging.

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  • Weight: 157 grams
  • Tremor range: 7cm (2.7 inches)
  • Battery: Built-in rechargeable