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Merits Regal 344A Mobility Scooter


Merits Regal 344A Mobility Scooter


This Merits Regal scooter comes in two types; the standard (Regal 344A) and the XL (Regal 334 DS).

The Merits Regal 344A is a workhorse and is designed with thoughtfulness and professional quality. This scooter employs the loop handlebar system for ease of operation.

Large ground clearance, separate emergency braking and a comfortable seat means Merits are thinking about you. This scooter has adjustable suspension giving the rider more control and comfort. The very large motor and batteries make a great effect on the top speed and range of this scooter.

A small addition to this Merits Regal 334A is the 12 volt socket for a phone or GPS , not an option on many scooters.  Sometimes a rider makes a turn under full power, this can be dangerous. Merits have addressed this problem by building in a half speed safety sensor which operates automatically when turning, to provide extra safety. Also has a Low Speed setting for when you are in busy areas and Shopping Centres.

Secondly the Regal 344DS is identical to the Regal 334A except for a special seat. The seat is quite large for bariatric reasons.

The Regal334DS is available in Red and Blue.


  • Loop handle bars
  • 4 wheel adjustable suspension
  • Large 14″ wheels for better ground clearance
  • Larger 4 pole motor which is great for climbing steep hills and driveways
  • Built in fast turn safety sensor
  • New improved fully adjustable leather feel single seat
  • Separate emergency braking system
  • Easy to access 12 volt socket for Phone or GPS
  • The XL version of this scooter is the Regal 344DS, it has a large bariatric type seat


  • Max speed: 12 Kph
  • Range: 40-50 Km
  • Turn radius: 1670 mm
  • Ground clearance: 100 mm
  • Motor: DC 24V 650 W / 2200 W (max)
  • Controller: Rhino 160A

  • Battery: 12 V 60-80 AH x 2 pcs
  • Charger: 8 Amp off board
  • Gradient: 10 degrees
  • Wheel diameter: 356 mm / 14″
  • Brake: Regenerative Electromagnetic
  • Max Weight Capacity: 227kg