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Luggie Mobility Scooters

New & Second Hand Luggie Mobility Scooters

Luggie mobility scooters were created to make travelling easier for those who require or prefer getting around by scooter. Before Luggie came along you had a few ‘portable’ mobility scooter options, but they were a bit cumbersome. There were scooters that could be disassembled, but this process can be time consuming and the disassembled scooter can be difficult to load into the boot of a car.

Luggie scooters are lightweight and foldable. You don’t have to disassemble any parts – they just fold up! Loading a Luggie mobility scooter into the boot of a car is easy. They’re also much easier to take with you overseas which makes international travel more achievable for people who use mobility scooters to get around in daily life. Take your Luggie mobility scooter with you on holiday and you’ll be free to roam and enjoy the experience more!

Look through the Luggie mobility scooter options available below and get in touch with us to set up a test drive or to find out more!

Luggie Mobility Scooters | New & Second Hand | Brisbane

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