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Aspire Rehab RX Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair

Aspire Rehab RX Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair

Wheelchair Tilt In Space Aspire Rehab is designed for the more complex user, who requires assistance with positioning, re-positioning and skin management. Tilt (26°) and backrest recline (30°) this facilitates weight re-distribution and the preservation of skin integrity. It also optimizes user comfort, decreases user fatigue and assists with head control. Contoured, built-up backrest and seat cushion – the backrest has a gentle lumbar build up and moderate lateral supports; together with the abductor and adductor build-up at the seat cushion, midline positioning is optimized.

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  • 26° tilt and 30° recline
  • Contoured built up backrest and seat cushion

  • Gentle lumber build up
  • Moderate lateral supports


  • Weight: 41-47.2kg
  • Max user capacity: 180kg
  • Seat width: 410-560mm

  • Seat depth: 440-560mm
  • Seat height: 400-475mm