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Active Air 8 Alternating Mattress Replacement


Active Air 8 Alternating Mattress Replacement


The Active Air 8 is a dynamic mattress replacement suitable for users at “High Risk” of pressure injury, providing the highest levels of care into acute and long-term care environments. The Active Air 8’s innovative features ensure lowest interface pressures with an easy-to-use digital pump. The Easy-to-read LCD screen provides clear and precise information on cycle time, operating mode and fault codes.

The Active Air 8 has 24 hour transport mode,  in the event of power failure allows the patient to remain on an inflated surface until the  power is restored. When continuous low pressure is activated this mode increases user immersion and envelopment along with reduced vibration and noise a quieter sleep environment is achieved. The Active Air 8 has given much thought to hygiene of the mattress incorporating  welded seams and zip protection preventing fluid and bacterial ingress into the system, machine washable cover at 95 degrees achieving superior sanitising.

The Active Air 8 comes well equipped with troubleshooting measures with the following standout features-

Auto Lock– Control panel locking after 30 seconds this preventing accidental mode changes.

Auto Protect – When the head of the bed is raised 45 degrees or more, air pressure will automatically increase preventing bottoming out of the mattress.

Auto Detect– With the users weight and size in mind the appropriate pressure output is automatically set.

The Active Air 8  Alternating Mattress Replacement is available in two sizes of Single or King Single.


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