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VersaFlo3® Mattress System


VersaFlo3® Mattress System

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Experience superior care and comfort with the VersaFlo3 Mattress System, meticulously designed to address high-pressure care requirements. Utilizing a three-layer technology, this innovative mattress delivers a comfortable sleep support surface while ensuring effective high-pressure relief. The ActiveX™ Comfort Layer, positioned at the top, serves as the primary comfort layer, enhancing overall comfort by dispersing pressure and retaining body heat. The Adjustable Air Cylinders, forming the mattress core, dynamically alternate air pressure to adapt to surface pressure points. Completing the trio is the XP Support, the mattress foundation’s bottom layer, which prevents bottoming out, reduces over-immersion, and enables customizable mattress profiling. Elevate your sleep experience with the Versaflo3®, where alternating air makes all the difference in care and comfort.


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Experience unparalleled care and comfort with the VersaFlo3 Mattress System, a meticulously crafted solution designed to meet the highest standards of pressure care. This cutting-edge mattress employs a three-layer technology that not only provides a plush sleep surface but also addresses the crucial need for effective high-pressure relief.

At the pinnacle of the VersaFlo3 Mattress System design is the ActiveX™ Comfort Layer, strategically positioned at the top. This layer serves as the primary source of comfort, going beyond the ordinary by dispersing pressure evenly and retaining the body’s natural heat. The result is a sleep experience that transcends the conventional, offering a level of comfort that is both indulgent and therapeutic.

The VersaFlo3 Mattress System core is ingeniously composed of Adjustable Air Cylinders, forming a dynamic foundation that responds to surface pressure points. This innovative feature allows the mattress to adapt seamlessly, ensuring optimal support and pressure relief tailored to individual needs. The versatility of the Adjustable Air Cylinders sets the VersaFlo3 apart, making it a benchmark in personalized sleep solutions.

Completing this trifecta of excellence is the XP Support, the bottom layer of the mattress foundation. This layer serves as a robust base, preventing bottoming out, reducing over-immersion, and facilitating customizable mattress profiling. The synergy of these three layers creates a harmonious balance between support and comfort, elevating the overall sleep experience to new heights with the VersaFlo3 Mattress System.

Immerse yourself in the next frontier of sleep technology with the VersaFlo3, where the art of alternating air takes center stage, revolutionizing care and comfort. It’s not just a mattress; it’s a commitment to a superior sleep experience that caters to your unique needs.

This Mattress is perfectly suited to current Icare bed models below .

IC333 Homecare Bed | IC333 Bed | Icaremedicalgroup

Also suited to a wide range of other beds

Disability Bed | Medical Beds | Brisbane | Hello Mobility



  • Three-layer technology for optimal sleep support
  • ActiveX™ Comfort Layer for enhanced comfort and pressure dispersion
  • Adjustable Air Cylinders for dynamic pressure relief on surface points
  • XP Support foundation to prevent bottoming out and reduce over-immersion
  • High-pressure care design for specialized needs
  • Versatile mattress profiling for a customizable sleep experience



  • Circulation Intervals: 5min, 10min, 15min, 20min, static
  • Air Capacity: 1.5~8L
  • Air Pressure: 300-1200H²0
  • User Weight: 20~140kg
  • Dimensions: 2030x900mm(Long single) / 2030x1070mm(King Single)


  • Material: Polyurethane, TPU + Fabric
  • Cover: Waterproof
  • Air Pressure: Level 4~5
  • Safe Working Load: 140kg

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