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Granny shows us how not to drive



A woman in Hadano, Japan provided a great demonstration of how not to drive a scooter this week.

In the video below, the woman drives her scooter in the middle of the road barely at a walking pace, making it impossible for the cars behind to drive safely around her.

Needless to say, this isn’t a safe way to use your scooter, but if you need a refresher on how you can use yours safely, Queensland Transport has a guide here.

A wheelchair or mobility scooter can only be taken on the road if there is no footpath, pathway or nature strip available, and only where a pedestrian is allowed to walk.

If you do need to use the road, stay as close as possible to the side of the road, and travel in the opposite direction to traffic so you have good visibility.

In short, don’t follow the example of the woman above and travel in the middle of the left side of the road when a footpath is available. It’s unsafe for you and other road users so stick to the guidelines and you’ll be fine.