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How much do mobility scooters cost to run?


Are you are thinking the time is right to get yourself or a family member a mobility scooter? If you are, you may be wondering how much it will cost you to run it once you have purchased it. As with a car or any other motor vehicle, there are ongoing costs that you will be faced with after buying the scooter or device.

In this BLOG, we will break down how much mobility scooters cost to run on an ongoing basis. That will ensure that you can get a good idea about how to factor this ongoing spending into your budget. If you are an NDIS client, we strongly suggest that you should consider these costs before you apply for funding.

We thought it would help make things easier if we came up with a simple comparison chart. This chart helps you to compare the cost of running a scooter vs the cost of running a car:

Scooter vs Car (costs per year, @ 100kms per week)

Fuel$500-$600Less than $50 a year
Depreciation (over 5 years)$2000$100
Batteries$50$200-$500 depending on the scooter

* Not including call-out fee. Basic service only. These are costs per year. Batteries should last up to 2 years. 

We have given more of an insight into these costs below which will explain further these costs:


Are you aware that Queensland is the only state in Australia where you must register your mobility scooter? The good news though is that there is no cost to do so. We will organise the registration for you at no extra charge.

Insuring you Scooter

Mobility scooters are extremely safe to use. Even with this in mind, we do recommend that you get insurance to cover you just in case you have an accident. It will also cover you if your scooter is stolen.

You can expect to pay around $100-200 per year for mobility scooter insurance, depending on your plan. A small price to pay if your scooter has cost you $5000 plus!


We all know that mobility scooters use batteries. But did you know that they also need a small amount of electricity to charge the batteries? As you would expect this is much cheaper than a car and is minimal. Based on an average of around 100 KM a week you can expect your scooter to need around $50-$60 of fuel a year.

Servicing for your Mobility Scooter

As with any motorised equipment, like a car, it’s important to get your mobility scooter serviced regularly. We highly recommend getting a service done every 12 months. If you do more KMs than that you will probably need to get it done more often. Regular servicing of your scooter ensures it is safe to use and it will also protect your warranty.  

A scooter service costs roughly $129 per year. There is also a call-out fee if we need to travel to your home to complete the service. 


As with most things, your mobility scooter will depreciate in value over time. Our figures suggest that a mobility scooter will depreciate around $600 over a five-year period, versus $2000 for a car over the same period. 


The battery is a very important part of a mobility scooter. They cost around $200-$500 to replace. The cost varies depending on the size and make of the battery that you need. You can expect to replace the battery around every two years, though this may vary depending on how well they are looked after. 

If you would like information on how best to extend the life of your battery, please ask one of our friendly and knowledgeable assistants.

Hello Mobility are authorised sellers of mobility scooters. That means that we can help any of our customers out with servicing, insurance, registration and more.

We offer an in-home demonstration service and are happy to show you our range in our Mobility showroom in Kedron. Email us here to request more information on this service.

If you have any questions about how much mobility scooters cost to run, get in touch with the team at Hello Mobility today on 1300 622 633.  Our knowledgeable team will be happy to help and to answer any questions you may have.