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Lime scooters – how have they affected you?


If you’ve made a trip into Brisbane’s inner city recently, it’s likely you’ve seen a few of these Lime scooters.

These lean, mean, green machines have been silently zipping around the CBD and surrounding suburbs since November. Using an app, users can find and unlock a parked scooter and ride it around.

We want to know how they have affected you. As Brisbane’s population increases, so too does the number of people crammed into the city.

For tight, congested spaces for pedestrians, such as the Victoria Bridge and Queen Street Mall at peak hour, these scooters can be quite a hazard if their users are moving too quickly.

The Department of Transport posted this on Facebook: “If you’re riding a LIME scooter, you must not ride on the road or in bicycle lanes. You can only ride on the road if you’re crossing the road or avoiding an obstruction (not pedestrians) on the footpath and only for 50 metres.”

Users of mobility scooters and powerchairs already have much to be aware of in these spaces. Are the Lime scooters a great annoyance or a great way of getting people out of their cars?

The Brisbane City Council is conducting a trial of the program until mid-year. If you have queries, compliments or complaints, you can contact the Department of Transport here: https://www.tmr.qld.gov.au/Contact-us.

Brisbane is your city and you’re entitled to have a say about how safe you feel in it.