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Low-speed scooter chase in NZ: “It sounded like an ice cream truck”


Low-speed scooter chase in NZ


It may not be up there with the OJ Simpson chase, but 54-year-old Charlie Durham led New Zealand police on a heck of a pursuit through Timaru last week.

The double amputee successfully outmanoeuvred a police car several times, all while setting a cracking pace down the wide road full of traffic.


Durham told Stuff.co.nz he didn’t stop because he was confused about the sirens.

“It sounded like an icecream truck and I didn’t want any icecream,” he said.

Police said, quite correctly, that Durham posed a risk to himself and other road users with his erratic driving.

In Queensland, scooter users are required to use the footpath unless it is unsafe to do so. It is crucial to drive safely with concern for other road users and pedestrians.

As for Durham, police made a visit to his home to educate him about how to drive more safely.

You can read more about the incident here.