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Formerly Scooters Australia Brisbane, we are now Hello Mobility - locally owned & operated for over 30 years!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

We will close at 5pm on Thursday, 21st December and will reopen on Wednesday, 3rd January at 8:30am

Pre-Natal scooter rides are in fashion.


Pre Natal Scooter Rides Are In Fashion.
Q; Is being in the later end of pregnancy a good reason to use those electric scooters? Do you sort of judge pregnant women for using them because they are pregnant, not with a disability? Is it OK for a low risk pregnant woman to use ‘disability’ resources?
A: I kinda thought i was being judged today on FB because some people Judge you in regards to just about everything. I am 33 weeks and at Disneyland. I walked around all yesterday. But today, I gave in and rented one of those Mobility Scooters. A big reason for doing it is because I am here with my two year old, my sister and my parents and I was slowing them down, with my waddling yesterday. And plus I was freaking tired by the end of the day. They cost 50 bucks a day, so I didn’t feel guilty – I would have if they were free, am now happy to buy one. But at first, I was a little embarrassed. Though it was really awesome, but I think it was that thoughtless people made me feel judged for living the dream on a comfortable and stylish electric scooter.

(Source: Baby Centre)