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The Way of The Future


The Way Of The Future

The future is our world as we see it.

The technology we see in Mobility Scooters today is standardized across the all scooter ranges, and will be standard in the future, Driving an electric vehicle like a mobility scooter is the way of the future, these awesome vehicles can go 50 Km on 1 charge. Home electricity or solar will power a scooter easily and cheaply. The following UK magazine article gives an a vision of a future which is amazing. (source: Adam Wyborn)

Mobility Scooters Of The Future

Technology is growing and developing at the fastest rate ever. New technology is revolutionising the way we live, learn, eat and think. But what about the way that we travel? With direct flights to Australia now possible, it seems obvious that tech companies should be helping those who find the simplest of journeys a challenge.

In the past, wheelchair and mobility scooters were unable to go on sand and grass without help and moving around bust streets and public transport can still be challenging today. However, new technology is being developed all the time. With these futuristic developments in mind, Easy Pay Mobility has recently investigated the new and developing technology that is going to improve the lives of those with disabilities and restricted mobility. And the tech is amazing!

Demand for Mobility

In the UK, 6% of children are disabled, 16% of working age adults are dealing with a disability and 45% of adults over the state pension age are dealing with disability and lowered mobility. This means that there is a large market of people needing access to more efficient mobility scooters.

New Prototypes

Transport giants Honda and Toyota are leading the charge in developing

amazing new technology for those with limited mobility. New personal mobility technology is mainly focused on the challenges of modern city life for those with disabilities. The Wander Stand and Wander Walker are Honda’s latest options, with speeds up to 3.7mph they can pass easily over uneven pavements and take sharp corners. Many of the latest mobility scooters offer long battery life and connect to apps and mobile phones so that they become integrated into the user’s life. Although most of these new technologies are in the prototype stages, they will hopefully be widely available soon.

Current Technology

For those dealing with a disability, one of the options available is WHILL, a technology company offering the latest in mobility technology. Their wheelchairs can reach speeds of 5.5mph and offer USB ports and integrated tablets. For those without the budget required to access these, there are other options such as all-terrain mobility scooters which can be a lot more affordable and will allow users to reach outdoor spaces they wouldn’t normally. When questioned, most mobility scooter users in the UK wouldn’t be able to make the trips they currently do with their mobility scooters.

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