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Can An Occupational Therapist help you or a Loved one live more independently?


OT create freedom

If you have an ageing parent or relative or you are the ageing person, you may have heard Occupational Therapists mentioned. Quite often, your doctor or other Healthcare professional will suggest an OT to help you cope better. They can help with a variety of issues, and we have compiled the information below to help you. It will help you to understand better just how an Occupational Therapist can help to improve the quality of life for those who are struggling.

Many patients who end up at the door of an OT have been referred by other patients of the clinic or their GP. Sometimes another allied health practitioner or personal trainer may be the person who suggested a visit. And of course, there is even Google, again a lot of people will be having a look on the internet at how best to help a relative!

The main aim of any Occupational Therapist is to work with you in order that you get the best outcome for your health and wellbeing. Their knowledge of the human body and its capabilities is vast and this means they are a great starting point when mobility and day to day activities become a struggle.

The positive results that they can help achieve for their patients is invaluable and their assistance can be ongoing.

If you haven’t come across an Occupational Therapist before, you may be surprised at just what they can achieve! They will explain everything that they do, and why they believe that their chosen path is the right treatment for your particular challenges. They will chat through their theories on what is causing your pain or discomfort and their solution.

As well as the physical help you can get from these talented and educated medical professionals they can also help with other things. They have an array of tools at their disposal that can help in more practical .

These include access to suppliers of equipment that can help you become more independent. These include items such as:

All of these things will allow your ageing relative to regain some of their independence. Our experience has shown that in many cases these aids, and equipment can be reinvigorating and life changing. The OT will have a relationship with a local supplier who should be able to offer in home demonstrations of some of the equipment.

The idea of an in-home demo is that you or your relative can experience the equipment in their own environment. While our showroom is extensive and a great space it is not the same as experiencing the devices in your own home. The showroom is set up in zones similar in layout to those in your home. Our kitchen area allows you to see and try the products that your OT recommends for you. The larger equipment is best tried at home and in your neighbourhood to get a real feel for how it will impact on you and your life.

In many cases you may be entitled to the help using NDIS funding or Home Care Package funding. As a registered NDIS Provider and partner to Home Care Package providers we have the pleasure of helping many of our clients and OT’s in accessing this.

If you are unsure as to whether you would qualify speak to your doctor. If you already have an Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist that you are working with, they will be a great source of information about the financial help that you can access. Ask them.

In the case that you do not have NDIS, a Home Care Package or an Occupational Therapist, we will be happy to help and guide you as best we can. We have extremely experienced consultants in our showroom that are on hand for you to speak to about your needs.

If you would like to discuss a home demonstration, we can easily organise that for you too. Email us here or call us on 1800 122 662 and one of our friendly team will organise that for you. We will help you to regain some of your independence and allow you to “Live without Limits”.