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Do you know that research suggests that one out of three seniors will fall this year?


falling risk

Unfortunately, the fact is that fewer than half of them will talk with their doctor or other health professional about it. Alarmingly it appears that falls are also the No. 1 cause of injuries in seniors. They can be serious with injuries ranging from hip fractures, cuts, and even serious head and brain injuries. Some of these injuries can be fatal.

It has been shown that even when there’s no serious injury, a fall can still be so frightening that seniors may avoid certain activities. They are afraid they’ll fall again and next time cause more damage.

There are lots of factors that can contribute to a fall. It might be caused by slippery floors, rickety stairs, or electrical cords. The most common causes of falls are in the home. This is thought to be because you might have a false sense of security believing you are perfectly safe. That’s why fall prevention starts with creating a safe living space for you or your loved one.

This doesn’t mean that you must undertake a complete house renovation. Making your home safer from falls can take a few basic changes. Senior care experts offer up the following advice for preventing falls at home:

Clean up clutter.

One of the easiest and fastest methods for preventing falls is to keep your home tidy and neat. Getting rid of any clutter will make a big difference to the safety of your home. Old newspapers and magazines, especially in hallways and on staircases can cause a very real tripping hazard.

Repair and remove tripping hazards.

It is often the case that home fixtures have contributed to falls. This can then lead to back pain and other injuries. Take a look at every room and hallway. You should be looking for items such as loose carpet, throw rugs that slip on the flooring underneath. Floorboards that stick up are also worth keeping an eye out for. Even the smallest rising can be dangerous. Repair, remove or replace those items for more effective fall prevention.

Install grab bars and handrails.

These are an effective method of keeping anyone who is a little unsteady, safer! They can make getting up and downstairs so much easier. Getting on and off the loo and stepping in and out of the bath can be a dangerous thing to do without them. installing grab bars by toilets and baths or showers will help keep you safer. Handrails in stairways and hallways will help to reduce the incidences of injuries. A handyman or family member can usually help to install them, it doesn’t have to be a difficult job.

Avoid wearing loose clothing.

You want to feel comfortable at home especially when it is warm, right? Unfortunately, though, baggy clothes can sometimes make you more likely to fall. Opt for better-fitting and properly hemmed clothing that doesn’t bunch up or drag on the ground. You will be much safer in doing so.

Light up your life.

Lighting that isn’t bright enough is another major hazard for seniors. To create a home that’s more suitable for the elderly, install brighter light bulbs. These are especially needed in stairways and narrow hallways. It has also been suggested that also recommended that nightlights in bedrooms and bathrooms will help seniors stay safer.

Wear shoes, even in the house.

Socks may feel more comfortable, but they do present a higher slipping risk. One really sure way to help prevent falls at home is to wear shoes. You can buy non-slip socks that have grips on the soles of the feet if shoes are too uncomfortable for normal wear in the house.

Make everything nonslip.

Baths and showers, as well as floors in kitchens, bathrooms, and porches, can become extremely dangerous when wet. You can buy mats that avoid that danger from occurring and they are relatively inexpensive.

Live on one level.

Even with precautions like guardrails, stairs often present a significant falling hazard. If you are in a position to do so maybe consider living on one level. If that isn’t possible then try to limit the trips you take up and down the stairs.

The fewer times you climb the stairs the fewer times you risk a fall.

Move more carefully.

Many people who fall at home do so because they are moving too quickly from a sitting to a standing position and vice versa. Preventing falls like this is as easy as taking your time. All you must do is pause after going from lying down to sitting and from sitting to standing. There are also aids available for you to be able to do this more safely if you need them.

For the elderly, fall prevention means injury prevention. Ask your loved ones to help you ensure that your rooms and stairways are clutter-free. Make sure that they are well-equipped with lighting, handrails, grab bars. Nonslip mats will help you avoid falling all of which can go a long way toward keeping you safe in your home.

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