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Ageing gracefully

So, what does ‘Ageing in Place’ mean and how is it different to Residential Care Home? The term ‘ageing in place’ is used when someone decides to continue to live in the community. They choose some level of independence, rather than a residential aged care home. They may stay in their own home and make adaptations to their environment to make that possible. Things like grab bars, maybe a ramp to make for easier access and bathroom aids that make personal hygiene easier.

So, once that decision is made and you have all the aids in place to help make it possible for you to stay in your own home how do you make sure that it is fun! The last thing that anyone wants is for the ageing person to spend the rest of their days bored and stuck in their home. So here are some ideas that we think could help:

Do Something New Every Day

One of the challenges encountered by our ageing population is a lack of things to do. Our first tip is to do something new daily. Doing new things is not only fun, but it also keeps your brain sharp. Everything from learning a new skill to simply taking a different route to the shops each day can help.

Take Classes

You can take online classes or get out and about to attend. Enjoy the new experience of continued learning. You have a vast choice available from community centres teaching tai chi to universities offering a variety of online classes in various subjects. It may be that the first class you do is to learn how to do something online. Let your journey of new discoveries begin. There are many opportunities out there to take a class or learn a new skill. It’s a great way to grow your knowledge and keep your brain stimulated.

Join Social Groups

There are a huge variety of social groups that you can choose from. Book Clubs at your local library or hosted by an individual is just one example. Others include:

  • Cheese and Wine Exploration
  • Art groups
  • Photography
  • Cooking – learning new cuisines
  • and many, many more!

You could decide to get involved with volunteering and get more involved in your community. If there is something in particular that interests you but there isn’t an existing group you could start one. Getting involved with a religious organization is a great way to get to know people and make a whole new circle of friends.

Play Games

Games are another fun way to stay mentally fit. And there’s no shortage of games out there. You can tackle a game of sudoku or other similar puzzles. Crosswords are very popular too and can be found in newspapers or on your mobile phone. Board games with your loved ones or neighbours can be fun and mentally stimulating.


We understand that exercise may not be everyone’s idea of a good time! It is great for your physical and mental health and can help you enjoy life even more. If you have mobility difficulties, you can always use a rollator or walker to help you get around and stay fit.  You can either exercise at home or join a group. There are many options, and it is worth speaking to your doctor to see what is available in your area. Also, speak to your local sports centre. many of these now have classes and group sessions catering specifically to our seniors.

However you choose to entertain yourself these are the things that our range of clients talk to us about. As suppliers of mobility aids, we are often asked to help transition people to a more independent way of living. If you have an ageing parent or loved one or this is affecting you personally then please reach out. We have helped thousands of people to continue to stay in their homes and in their communities. We have a showroom in Kedron and offer at-home demonstrations on much of our equipment.

You can find out more about our other Blogs here or visit our website Home Page here. To contact us direct please email us here or call us on (07) 3350 5522. We would welcome the opportunity to introduce you to our range and help you to Live without Limits!