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Lingo Personal Medical Alarm


Lingo Personal Medical Alarm


The Lingo Personal Medical Alarm is Australia’s first 4G Safety Pendant that can announce what’s happening in the language of your choice. The Lingo Personal Medical Alarm can speed- dial or text up to  5 emergency contacts.  Simply press and hold the SOS button for 2 seconds until it vibrates, with short, clearly stated voice prompt, you can be assured the Lingo is doing it’s job.

The Personal Alarm is custom programmed for you, whether that be Family monitoring or Professional Monitoring, its ready to use when you receive.

For peace of mind for the user the alarm speaks your language “Loud and Clear’ with an extensive list of safety alerts- Auto Fall, Medication, (if specified) and Low Battery.

“Lets Talk Tech’ The Lingo Personal Medical Alarm has GPS tracking, can also be upgraded to GEO -Fencing and has the capability of alerting in languages other then English (additional charge). The charging cable has a distinctive magnetic attachment on the end, when connected, a voice prompt announces the Lingo is charging.  Avoiding those unwanted calls are a breeze as the Lingo is clever enough that it can programme to either, allowing anyone to call or only the emergency contacts to call This blocks unwanted scam callers.

The Lingo is available in Black or White.

Optional Accessories-

  • Wrist Strap
  • Belt Clip
  • Shower Bag
  • Key Safe With Purchase
  • Pouch and Lock (PAL) With Purchase
  • WIFI and Tracking Platform
  • Tracking Platform Set Up and personal tutoring

Additional Monitoring Options –

  • Family / Friends Monitoring (No Cost)
  • Professional Monitoring-( Monthly)
  • Professional Monitoring- (Yearly)










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  • The Lingo Personal Medical Alarm is Australia’s first 4G Safety Pendant
  • Available in the Language of your choice
  • Speed- dial or text up to 5 emergency contacts
  • Short, clearly stated voice prompts
  • Custom programmed for the user with Professional monitoring or Family monitoring, ready to use when you receive it
  • Loud and Clear extensive Safety alerts- Auto Fall, Medication, Low battery
  • Need a setting changed? Call Guardian and they will do it for you… for life


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