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Luggie Super: The superb all-rounder mobility scooter


The Luggie has always been a popular range of mobility scooters, known for being portable, collapsible and great to travel with. The Luggie Super is a member of this family of portable mobility scooters and includes a number of features that makes it a versatile and popular choice.

What is the Luggie Super?

The Luggie Super is a portable mobility scooter that features a wider and deeper seat than its counterparts. It also has extra legroom, wider handlebars, a more powerful motor, LED battery indicator and armrests.

One of the shortcomings of many portable mobility scooters is that they usually have a smaller weight-bearing capacity. This is where the Luggie Super shines, with a 163kg capacity.

The Luggie super also has the same wonderful folding ability as the others in the range, making it perfect for travel and portability.

Luggie Super foldable scooter

Luggie Super Case Study

Peter Healy of Dayboro purchased his Luggie Super from Hello Mobility. Over the time he’s owned it, it’s made plenty of long journeys.

Margaret, Peter’s wife, says the Super has come with them on plane trips to Canberra and Cairns. At the National Library, some fellow tourists were so impressed with the little Luggie that they asked for a folding demonstration!

Margaret says the Super was a great purchase because it’s larger than other folding scooters but still small enough to be practical.

It had to be small enough to fit into the boot of a car. It folds nicely and packs away in about a minute.

Peter now uses it everywhere he goes, including the supermarket and the local shopping centre.

Peter and Margaret had never bought from Hello Mobility until last year but they say they were very happy with the service we provided.

The Luggie Super Range

Aside from the classic Luggie Super, there are a few other versions available on the market. Each comes with a different range of features to suit a wide number of different needs.

Luggie Super Plus

The Luggie Super Plus is similar to the Luggie Super, with a few added features. The Luggie Super Plus also offers:

  • Suspension on the front wheels
  • Larger pneumatic tyres on the rear

This makes the scooter more suitable for rough terrain, allowing for a smoother drive across bumpy surfaces.

Luggie Super Plus Mobility Scooter

Luggie Super Deluxe Portable Mobility Scooter

Luggie Super Deluxe

The Super Deluxe is the wide track version of the Luggie Super Plus and is the top-of-the-range heavy-duty portable scooter. It’s perfect for people who want a portable scooter that can still handle rougher terrain and have a larger weight capacity.

Like the Super Plus, the Super Deluxe it also features front wheel suspension and larger pneumatic tyres.

If you’re looking to buy your first scooter or simply need a different model, the Luggie Super is a practical option that offers great value for money. Get in touch with us today on 1300 884 880 to explore which model is best for you.