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Solax Portable Hoist

Solax Portable Hoist

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Our Portable Hoist is the ultimate solution for effortlessly lifting and transporting your mobility scooter. This electric-powered hoist takes the heavy lifting off your shoulders, simplifying the loading and unloading process. Weighing a mere 9.98kg, it’s the perfect lightweight aid, ensuring a smooth and safe journey for you and your mobility scooter. This hoist directly connects to your scooter’s battery, offering full automation for the lifting process, capable of handling up to 30kg. Crafted with a robust yet lightweight telescopic aluminum frame, The Hercules is a dependable and sturdy choice that guarantees reliability on your mobility adventures. Experience hassle-free mobility with our Portable Hoist – your key to convenience and peace of mind.

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Discover the Ultimate Solution for Easy Travel Scooter Loading: The Solax Portable Hoist.

Are you tired of struggling to lift your travel scooter into your car’s boot? Bid farewell to the hassle and strain with the Solax Portable Electric Hoist. Engineered to make transportation effortless, this innovative hoist ensures safe and convenient loading of your scooter wherever your adventures take you.

Crafted from durable yet lightweight telescopic aluminum, the Solax Portable Hoist weighs only 13kg, guaranteeing easy handling and maneuverability. Its compact design allows for effortless lifting in and out of your vehicle, making it a practical accessory for any journey.

Powered directly by your scooter’s battery, this hoist seamlessly integrates with your Solax, eliminating the need for additional power sources or complicated installations. For added convenience, an external battery pack is also available, providing extended usage without draining your scooter’s power.

With a lifting capacity of up to 30kg, the Solax Hoist offers ample support for most travel scooters on the market. Whether you’re loading a lightweight model or a sturdier option, rest assured that this hoist is up to the task.

Safety is paramount, and the Solax Portable Electric Hoist ensures peace of mind with its thoughtful design features. Equipped with lockable castors, this hoist remains securely in place during operation, preventing any unexpected movements. Additionally, its maximum lifting height of 1500mm ensures easy loading and unloading without straining your back or risking injury.

Measuring 700x850x1780mm, the Solax Portable Electric Hoist offers generous dimensions to accommodate various scooter sizes while maintaining a manageable footprint. When not in use, simply fold it down to a compact size of 230x400x700mm, allowing for easy storage in your vehicle or home.

Whether navigating city streets or embarking on a countryside adventure, the Solax Portable Hoist ensures smooth transitions with its maximum slope recommendation for use on level ground. Say goodbye to steep ramps and uneven terrain – this hoist provides reliable performance wherever you roam.

Perfect for individuals with limited mobility or those seeking greater independence, the Solax Portable Electric Hoist offers unparalleled convenience and freedom. With its user-friendly design and robust construction, loading and unloading your travel scooter has never been easier.

Upgrade your travel experience with the Solax Hoist today. Say goodbye to heavy lifting and hello to effortless transportation. Whether running errands or embarking on a grand adventure, let Solax accompany you every step of the way. Click here for more information.


  • Telescopic design
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Scooter battery operated
  • Strong and safe design


  • Lifting height: 150cm
  • Unit weight: 13.5kg
  • Motor: DC24V
  • Safe working load: 30kg

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