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Solax Transformer Portable Travel Mobility Scooter

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Solax Transformer Portable Travel Mobility Scooter


The Solax Transformer Soft Tail is an automatic folding portable mobility scooter perfect for travel and use at the local shops and promenades. But what really makes the Transformer Soft Tail stand out is the addition of rear suspension. This will ensure a more comfortable ride when used outdoors and will assist in protecting your back from all the bumps. Enjoy the convenience of pushing a button and watching your scooter fold-up to a neat package, perfect for the boot of your car. There are 3 ways to fold your scooter.

  1. Automatic fold using the remote control – the preferred way of folding your scooter
  2. Automatic fold using the buttons on the rear of the scooter – this is a great option in case you damaged or lost your remote controls or if the batteries have gone flat
  3. Manual folding – Allows you to fold the scooter if the battery has gone flat or if it has been removed for air-travel

The Transformer Soft tail comes equipped with flip-up armrests for additional safety and comfort as well as a multi-grip Delta handlebar, which allows for one-handed operation if required. The height and angle adjustable tiller will allow you to adjust the tiller position to the most comfortable position. Antislip footplates provide additional grip and maximum use of the available foot room. You can easily adjust your speed using the speed adjustment dial conveniently located in the centre of the dash right next to your key and horn. There is also a wide range of different accessories to choose from to make the scooter more suitable to your needs and your intended main use.

  • Collapsible front Basket – This is a great option as it is easily accessible in front of the scooter
  • Side or Rear soft Bag – A great storage solution that can attach to either armrest or the backrest of the scooter. If you need a lot of storage you can attach up to 3 of these to your scooter. One on each armrest and one at the back. The beauty of these is that there are lightweight and can be used as regular bags if required
  • Battery Carry bag – Specially designed to accommodate the Lithium battery of the Transformer this padded pouch is perfect for the frequent air-traveller. It even comes with a separate compartment for all your travel documentation
  • Battery Docking Station – A fabulous accessory, which allows you to charge the battery while on it’s own. Simply plug it into the charge add your battery and you can charge your battery at any powerpoint
  • Clip-on rear mirrors – These handy little mirrors clip on to your delta handlebar, choose from one or two mirrors to assist you in being more aware of your surroundings
  • Portable Hoist – This portable Hoist can lift up to 30kg and weighs in under 14kg. It can be a great option for people that can’t lift the scooter on their own. Keeping in mind that it does take some physical involvement to set up and operate.
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  • Rear Suspension for more comfort
  • Automatic Folding with manual override
  • Padded Seat with Removable flip-up armrests
  • 27kg total weight

  • Compatible with Solax Hoist
  • Plane-safe Lithium Battery
  • Puncture Proof tyres
  • Multi-Grip delta handlebars


  • Adjustable Tiller Angle: Yes 430mm – 710mm
  • Adjustable Tiller Height: Yes
  • Anti-Tip Mechanism: Yes – Rear anti tip wheels
  • Armrests: Yes
  • Battery: 24V/10Ah x 1 Lithium
  • Battery Range: Up to 15km
  • Battery weight: 1.7kg
  • Charger: 2Ah Off-Board Lithium
  • Dimensions: 990 x 540 x 840mm
  • Dimensions when folded: 600 x 540 x 470mm
  • Distance between armrests: 480mm
  • Drive Wheel: 170mm
  • Foot Room: 480mm
  • Front Wheel: 150mm
  • Ground Clearance: 40mm
  • Heaviest Part: 23.5kg
  • High / Low Speed Selection: No
  • Lights: No
  • Lithium Battery: Yes

  • Maximum Speed: 6km/h
  • Mirrors: Optional Extra
  • Motor: 120W
  • Number of Components: 1 plus Battery
  • Seat Dimensions: 430mm x 340mm
  • Seat height from Deck: 400mm
  • Seat height from Floor: 560mm
  • Seat Padding: Medium
  • Slope ability: 12 Degrees
  • Suspension: Yes – Rear
  • Swivel Seat: No
  • Turning Radius: 775mm
  • Tyres: Puncture Proof – Solid
  • Weight Capacity: 125kg
  • Weight with Battery: 25.5kg
  • Weight without Battery: 24kg
  • Wheel to Wheel: 740mm
  • Speed: 6.4km/h