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Quickie iXpress


Quickie iXpress

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Discover iXpress, where mobility meets personalization. Choose between a user-friendly joystick or innovative glide-to-steer operation. Our Power Assist Devices, equipped with top-tier electronics, offer reliability and customization. Compact battery design, a 16km range, and seamless adaptability to Sunrise Medical manual wheelchairs redefine your mobility with freedom and ease.

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Introducing the Quickie iXpress, where customization meets convenience. Choose your preferred controller to tailor your experience – opt for the ergonomically designed joystick for personal control or select the fully functional attendant control option featuring an innovative glide-to-steer operation for seamless navigation.

The Quickie iXpress devices boast Japanese-designed and made electronics, offering a level of precision and reliability that sets the standard in personal mobility. These electronics are programmable, allowing users to customize their experience to meet individual needs and preferences.

Designed with practicality in mind, the Quickie iXpress features a compact battery design. The Power Add-On Device is equipped with easy-to-remove and quick-to-charge Nickel or Lithium Batteries, providing a remarkable 16km range before requiring a recharge. This ensures that users can enjoy extended periods of mobility without the inconvenience of frequent charging.

Compatibility is a key feature of the Quickie iXpress. The wheelchair add-on system is cleverly designed to adapt to a wide range of Sunrise Medical manual wheelchairs. This includes popular models such as Quickie Nitrum, Quickie Iris, Zippie Iris, Quickie Q2, Quickie Q2 Lite, Quickie GP Series, Zippie X’Cape, and Breezy BasiX. The versatility of the add-on system ensures that users can seamlessly integrate the iXpress with their preferred wheelchair model.

For those with unique requirements, the iXpress offers adaptability beyond the listed models. Other wheelchair models may be available on application, ensuring that a broader range of users can benefit from the innovation and convenience that the iXpress brings to personal mobility.

Experience the freedom and the convenience of customizable programming with the Quickie iXpress. Whether you are navigating daily activities independently or relying on the assistance of a caregiver, the iXpress adapts to your lifestyle seamlessly, ensuring that you can enjoy life’s little pleasures with ease. For further enquiries, please click here.


  • Japanese designed and made, highly reliable electronics.
  • Selectable speeds for easy transitions between environments.
  • Easy to use ergonomic joystick controller.
  • Full function attendant control option with innovative glide to steer function.
  • Programmable for more individual needs.
  • Brush-less direct drive wheels add power to our manual wheelchairs.
  • The Powered Wheels are removable and can be replaced with standard wheels.


  • Controller joystick, attendant
  • Motor 24 V, 120 Wx2
  • Battery nickel metal hydride or lithium
  • Range 16km per charge
  • Recommended charging time 3hrs
  • Attendant control
  • Drive wheel size 24”
  • Speed up to 6kph
  • Weight capacity 120 kg
  • Battery weight 2.9 kg
  • System weight 17.4 kg
  • Warranty 2yrs


Quickie iXpress Manual

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