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Whill Ci2 Portable Powerchair

Whill Ci2 Portable Powerchair


Designed for the world you live in, the Model C2 brings your there with the confidence you deserve. The C2 is simple to operate, and can make tight turns to get you wherever you need to go. With a lift-able arm to make sitting down easy, the device will automatically brake when you release the controller, even on an incline. Effortlessly climb over obstacles up to 2” in height with two powerful motors and large front omni-wheels, whilst the rear wheel suspension ensures a smooth ride, even on rough surfaces. Additionally the Model C2 can be disassembled for easy transportation in the trunk of any car. Whether you’re shopping on the weekend or traveling with your family, the Model Ci2 allows you to live life to the fullest!

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  • Movable arm, makes sitting down easy
  • 76cm Turning radius makes tight turns easy
  • Automatic hill braking
  • Optional basket to make storing items a breeze
  • Effortlessly climb over obstacles up to 5cm

  • Rear wheel suspension to make bumpy roads a breeze
  • Easy disassembley
  • 18km range, with only a 5 hour charge time
  • Removable battery for easy charging
  • Smart key to remotely lock the device


  • Range: 18km
  • Maximum Speed: 6km/h
  • Incline Capability: 10°
  • Turning Radius: 760mm
  • Ground Clearance: 57mm
  • Max Weight: 136kg
  • Charging Time: 5 Hours

  • Operating Temperatures: -15 – 40 °C
  • Length: 985mm
  • Width: 554mm
  • Height: 745-945mm
  • Seat Depth: 400mm
  • Seat Height: 405-485mm
  • Seat Width: 450mm/500mm