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Action Gel Professional Cushion


Action Gel Professional Cushion


The Professional provides exceptional pressure relief for users at risk of skin breakdown or with a history of pressure injuries. A full 4.1cm thickness of Akton polymer provides effective weight distribution on a contoured or flat surface. The Professional provides an additional cushioning against pressure, shear and vibration. This is significant for those using a power wheelchair who have increased concerns about bottoming out and the potential effects of increased temperatures (due to foam insulation properties). Suitable for clients up to and including very high risk with no weight limit restrictions. Includes a nylon machine washable zippered cover included.

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  • Akton polymer
  • Effective weight distribution
  • Nylon machine washable zippered cover


  • High risk of skin breakdown
  • Height: 41mm
  • Width 400-550mm
  • Depth: 400-450mm