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Invacare Matrx Libra Cushion


Invacare Matrx Libra Cushion

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Introducing the Invacare® Matrx® Libra: the next-generation cushion that redefines comfort, protection, and positioning. Crafted with precision, the Matrx® Libra® cushion features an anatomically contoured, high-resilient foam base paired with a dual-layered fluid overlay utilizing Flo-tech™ technology, ensuring optimal positioning and skin protection. This lightweight cushion seamlessly merges cutting-edge design with innovative clinical features, catering to your functional needs, lifestyle, and superior protection.

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Welcome to Invacare Matrx Libra Cushion, where comfort meets innovation. Our Libra Cushion Fluid Sac is designed to provide maximum protection and comfort around bony prominences, making it the ultimate solution for your seating needs.

Crafted with dual-layer sealed compartments, our cushion ensures unparalleled support and pressure relief. What’s more, it’s non-temperature sensitive, eliminating the need for constant adjustment or maintenance. Enjoy consistent performance without the hassle of kneading or monitoring temperatures.

At the core of our cushion lies a high-resilience foam base, fortified with Ultra-Fresh™ anti-microbial and odor protection technology. This not only ensures a hygienic seating experience but also promotes durability and longevity.

Designed with precision, our cushion features an abductor/adductor contour that encourages comfortable midline leg positioning. Combined with a pre-ischial contour, it effectively prevents sliding, reduces shear forces, and enhances stability.

Additionally, the cushion boasts a trochanteric shelf that promotes a level pelvis and lateral stability. Whether you’re seated for extended periods or engaged in dynamic activities, our cushion provides the support you need to stay comfortable and secure.

Our cushion comes with a moisture-resistant, high-stretch Startex™ cover. Equipped with hook and loop fastener strips, a lifting strap, and a convenient zippered side pocket, our cover is as functional as it is protective.

Inside the cover, you’ll find an inner platilon liner, adding an extra layer of moisture protection for added peace of mind. With dimensions ranging from 14 to 20 inches in width and 12 to 22 inches in depth, our cushion accommodates a wide range of seating needs.

For those requiring additional support and durability, we offer the Libra Heavy Duty model, boasting enhanced specifications and a weight capacity of up to 226kg (500lb). Both models come with a generous limited warranty of three years, ensuring your investment is protected.

Whether you’re seeking to enhance immersion, correct posture, or accommodate postural issues, the Libra Cushion Fluid Sac is designed to exceed your expectations. Experience unparalleled comfort and support with every sit, and discover the difference that quality seating can make in your life.

Join the countless individuals who have already made the switch to Invacare Matrx Libra Cushion and elevate your seating experience today.


  • Next-generation cushion: Invacare® Matrx® Libra
  • Superior comfort with the highest level of protection and positioning
  • Features an anatomically contoured, high resilient foam base
  • Utilizes a dual-layered fluid overlay with Flo-tech™ technology
  • Provides optimal positioning for users
  • Offers exceptional skin protection
  • Combines cutting-edge design with innovative clinical features
  • Lightweight design for ease of use
  • Designed with function, lifestyle, and protection in mind


  • Available width: 14-20″
  • Available depth: 12-22″
  • Unit height: Abductor 3.35″ / Leg trough: 2.35″
  • Product weight: 1.8kg
  • Safe working load: 136kg
  • Heavy duty 226kg option available

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