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Jay J2 Deep Contour Cushion


Jay J2 Deep Contour Cushion


The Jay J2 Deep Contour Cushion is a soft, lightweight and comfortable foam cushion that features a 3” deep pelvic loading area and is designed for high postural support. It provides a comfortable seating surface for those at high risk of skin breakdown, whom have aggressive positioning needs and may require the use of a wheelchair for extended periods of time. The pre-contoured foam base is highly resilient, providing easily modifiable lateral and forward support in a way that improves orthopedic alignment and accommodates individual needs.

The Jay Fusion is composed of a pre-contoured closed cell foam base, increased well depth, Stretch outer cover, AirExchange outer cover and incontinence  outer cover. In addition to an optional insert, the Jay Flow fluid tripad with increased fluid volume. Its pre-contoured closed cell foam base provides readily adjustable lateral and forward stability support and comfort to the pelvic area. The increased well depth provides optimal immersion and increased stability to the hips and pelvis, providing additional support and comfort, as well as encouraging orthopedic alignment.

The optional Jay Flow fluid tripad consistently ensures precise fluid placement by minimizing migration, further reducing risk of skin breakdown. Its stretch outer cover reduces surface tension and promotes proper immersion while further reducing risk of skin breakdown. Its air exchange outer cover disputes heat and moisture, reducing risk of skin breakdown even further. The incontinence outer cover protects the foam base by preventing moisture build up and is ideal for those that suffer from incontinence. Width Range from 356mm to  508mm and Depth Range from 356mm to 610mm.

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