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Jay Soft Combi Cushion


Jay Soft Combi Cushion


The JAY Soft Combi P cushion is a soft, lightweight and comfortable foam cushion designed for mild to moderate postural support. It provides a comfortable seating surface for those at low risk of skin breakdown, whom have mild positioning needs and may require the use of a wheelchair for limited periods of time. The pre-countered foam base is highly resilient, providing supportive positioning to the pelvis and thighs in a way that improves orthopaedic alignment. Additionally its bevelled base allows for the use of a seat sling.

Supports the hip and medial thigh through the use of a deeper leg trough, allowing for independent weight shifts. Its outer coating shields the foam base from the build up of moisture for those who suffer from incontinence and is easy to clean. A moisture resistant cover provides additional protection to the foam base. A combination of the flat base and non-slip surface of the cover secures the cushion in place during use, preventing misalignment and promoting safe transfers. Width Range from 356mm to 610mm and Depth Range from 356mm to 457mm.

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  • Durable pre-contoured foam
  • Provides postural support
  • Provides lateral stability
  • Encourages orthopedic alignment
  • Redistributes pressure to assist sitting tolerance
  • Bevelled base

  • Cover is moisture-resistant
  • Cover is zippered and easily removable
  • Cover is machine-washable and dryable
  • Impermeable outer coating
  • None-slip surface
  • Jay Your Way modifications available


  • Very low risk of skin breakdown
  • Available in range of sizes and thicknesses
  • Width: 356-610mm (14” to 24”)
  • Height: 76mm (3”)

  • Depth range: 356-457mm (14” to 18”)
  • Weight: 1.25kgs
  • Weight capacity: 113-136kgs