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iCare Absorbent Bed Pads

iCare Absorbent Bed Pads


The iCare Absorbent Bed pads are heavy duty, reusable, incontinence bed pads that provide side to side protection with tuck in flaps.  Offering three-layer protection, the bed pad is comprised of a waterproof bottom layer to avoid leakage, an ultra-dense middle layer, and a top layer that ensures comfort while sleeping. They are machine washable and can be line dried in the shade before reusing. The absorbent bed pads protect the mattress from stain or damage.  It has a 2 litres over 8 hours (per m2) absorbency capacity, providing all night protection and comfort. 

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  • Reusable incontinence bed pad
  • Heavy duty absorbent bed pad
  • Three layer protection
  • Waterproof bottom layer avoids leakage into mattress
  • Ultra-dense middle layer
  • Top layer that ensures comfort while sleeping

  • Absorbency: 2 litres over 8 hours (per m2)
  • Protects mattress from stain or damage
  • Side to side protection with tuck in flaps
  • All night protection
  • All night comfort


  • Care instructions:
    This item is machine washable, and line dry in the shade. We do not recommend machine drying, ironing or dry-cleaning. Ensure the item has fully dried before reusing