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Walk Belt


Walk Belt

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Introducing the Walk Belt: Your Trusted Companion for Safe and Comfortable Patient Transfers. Engineered with cut-away handles, a secure buckle, and anti-slip grip material, the Walk Belt ensures ease for both patients and caregivers during transfers. Available in two sizes and easy to clean, it’s the perfect solution for enhancing mobility and maintaining infection control. Discover the Walk Belt today!

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Introducing the Walk Belt: Enhancing Patient Transfer and Mobility Assistance

Discover the Walk Belt, also known as the Soft Transfer Belt, a game-changer in patient care and mobility support. With its advanced features, this padded belt is crafted to make transfers smoother and improve the mobility experience for both patients and caregivers.

Key Features for Comfort and Convenience:

  1. Cut-Away Handles: Designed with patient comfort and caregiver ease in mind, the features strategically placed cut-away handles. These handles ensure maximum comfort for patients while providing caregivers with ergonomic grips for effortless transfers.
  2. Buckle Inclusion: Moving from a seated to a standing position can be challenging. The Walk Belt includes a large buckle mechanism for easy tightening once the patient is upright. This intuitive feature streamlines transfers, enhancing stability and security.
  3. Internal Grip Material: Slippery surfaces during transfers can pose risks. The Walk Belt is lined with a grip material inside to minimize slipping, providing better traction and stability for patients.
  4. Elasticized Loops: The belt includes elasticized loops around the strap for easy storage of excess length and increased safety, preventing loose ends from getting tangled.

Tailored Dimensions for Every Need:

  • Small: Fits waist measurements from 63cm to 106cm (25 inches to 42 inches). Adorned with red handles, this size variant ensures a snug fit with a vibrant touch.
  • Large: Accommodates waist measurements from 100cm to 160cm (39 inches to 62 inches). With blue handles, this size variant offers ample support and comfort for larger patients.

Effortless Maintenance:

Maintaining hygiene is crucial in healthcare settings. The Walk Belt is easy to clean with disinfectant, ensuring infection control practices are upheld without hassle.

Experience Enhanced Mobility:

In summary, the Walk Belt redefines patient transfer aids, prioritizing comfort, convenience, and safety. Whether assisting with sit-to-stand transitions or supporting ambulation, this innovative belt reflects our commitment to improving patient care. Step into a new era of mobility with the Walk Belt, where each step signifies our dedication to enhancing lives.

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  • Assists the carer in patient mobility and transport
  • Reduces risk of strain or injury to carer
  • Easily adjustable buckle system and non slip material to increase user safety
  • Padded handles for carer comfort


  • Small walk belt dimensions: 630mm x 1140mm
  • Large walk belt dimensions: 1010mm x 1570mm

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