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Second Hand Mobility Scooters

Buying A New vs Second-Hand Mobility Scooter

When it comes to enhancing your mobility and independence, mobility scooters are invaluable assets. However, deciding between a brand-new or second-hand mobility scooter can be perplexing. Let’s shed light on why buying a new mobility scooter may be more advantageous than opting for a used one.

The most compelling reason people are drawn to buying a second-hand mobility scooter is the price. With a used model, you can expect to pay significantly less than what you would for a brand-new scooter.

Potential Cost Savings

A second-hand mobility scooter can be a more affordable option, especially if you are on a tight budget. Depending on the brand, model, and condition, you can save anywhere between a few hundred to over a thousand dollars compared to buying new.

However, before you jump into buying a used mobility scooter, let’s look at the reasons why a new one could still be the better choice.

The Many Benefits of Buying New When considering a new vs used mobility scooter, it’s important to understand that the initial cost savings of buying second-hand may not always be worth it in the long run. There are several benefits to buying new that can outweigh the upfront savings.

When you buy a new mobility scooter, you can choose exactly what you want. From size and model to added features such as storage baskets, extra padding, or enhanced battery life, the customisation options are endless. On the other hand, with a second-hand scooter, you are limited to what’s available at the time.

One of the key advantages of buying new is the peace of mind you get from the manufacturer’s warranty. Most new mobility scooters come with extensive warranties that cover repairs and replacements for a certain period. When comparing a new vs used mobility scooter, the latter usually doesn’t come with a warranty, or if it does, it’s significantly shorter.

As with most things, technology is always advancing. When you buy a new mobility scooter, you’re getting the latest features and advancements. This can translate to a smoother ride, better battery life, and more comfortable seating compared to an older model.
Buying new ensures that your mobility scooter is in pristine condition. With a second-hand mobility scooter, there is always a risk of hidden germs and wear and tear, which can affect both your health and the performance of the scooter.

A new mobility scooter is less likely to have mechanical issues compared to a second-hand one. Maintenance costs can add up quickly with a used scooter, often making the initial cost savings negligible.

When you buy a new mobility scooter, you often get access to reliable customer support from the manufacturer or retailer. This can be invaluable in helping you get the most out of your scooter. On the other hand, finding support for a second-hand scooter can be more challenging.
When considering a new vs used mobility scooter, financing options can play a big role. Many retailers offer attractive financing options for new scooters, making it easier for you to own one without the burden of paying the full price upfront. Such options are rarely available for second-hand scooters.
CTM HS 589 Mobility Scooter

Making the Decision: New vs Used Mobility Scooter

So, you’ve seen the potential cost savings of buying a second-hand mobility scooter. But you’ve also seen the multitude of benefits that come with buying new. At first glance, the lower price tag on a used scooter might be tempting, but it’s essential to look at the bigger picture. From quality assurance, customisation options, warranty and after-sales support, to financing options and resale value, new mobility scooters are likely to offer a more satisfactory and reliable experience.

Final Thoughts: Why New is Often the Best Choice

When weighing the pros and cons of a new vs used mobility scooter, it’s clear that buying new has numerous advantages. With customisation options, the latest technology, manufacturer’s warranty, better hygiene, lower maintenance costs, reliable customer support, and favourable financing options, the initial investment in a new scooter can be well worth it in the long run.

A mobility scooter is not just a vehicle; it’s an investment in your independence and quality of life. While the allure of saving money with a second-hand scooter is understandable, the benefits of buying a new one far outweigh the initial savings. Investing in a new mobility scooter ensures that you are making the best choice for your mobility and well-being.

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