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As we age or face mobility challenges due to injury or medical conditions, simple tasks like walking can become increasingly difficult. The loss of independence and freedom to move around freely can be frustrating and impact our quality of life. Finding the right mobility aid becomes essential to regain confidence and maintain an active lifestyle.

With over 30 years of experience in mobility solutions, Hello Mobility is a trusted name in the industry. Since 1992, we have helped thousands of individuals across southeast Queensland regain their independence with our extensive range of rollators, walkers, and other mobility aids. These provide the necessary support and stability to navigate daily activities with ease.

If you or a loved one are considering using a walker or rollator, we offer various walking aids for different types of people and price points. All options are designed to provide stability, extra support, and freedom of movement for those with mobility challenges. Our goal is to make the selection process as easy as possible, ensuring that you find the perfect walker or rollator to suit your lifestyle and needs.


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A Brief Guide to Mobility Walkers and Wheelie Walkers in Brisbane

Walkers and rollators are specially designed devices for individuals who are quite capable of standing on their feet but require modest mobility and invaluable support. These ergonomically designed walking aids can offer stability and assistance, enabling individuals to maintain balance and navigate various terrains effortlessly.

Mobility aids are particularly beneficial for the elderly and others dealing with conditions such as arthritis, post-surgical recovery, balance disorders, or general weakness that hinders their ability to stand or walk independently.

Mobility walkers come in a variety of types to accommodate different needs. Understanding the different types can help individuals make an informed decision and find the perfect fit for their mobility requirements. Selecting the right rollator walker can greatly enhance everyday life and ensure safety while moving around.

Standard Walkers

Walkers are the most basic type and consist of simple walking frames with four legs and no wheels, ideal for indoor use. They provide excellent stability and support, making them ideal for individuals who require maximum assistance while walking. These are particularly beneficial for those with balance issues or who need to bear weight on their arms.


Also known as wheeled walkers, these come with wheels on the front legs, making them easier to push and maneuver. A versatile indoor and outdoor walker type, these offer improved mobility and are suitable for individuals who have some upper body strength and can bear weight on their legs.

standard walker
  • Three-Wheeled Rollators: These rollators are perfect for navigating tight spaces or crowded areas, making them ideal for individuals who live in urban environments or frequently visit busy places.
  • Four-Wheeled Rollators: Also referred to as seat walkers, these are the most commonly used type of wheelie walker, allowing users to move with independent confidence and comfort. Each seat walker often comes with features such as adjustable handle heights, a padded seat with backrest, hand brakes, and a storage bag or basket, providing convenience and functionality.
  • Heavy-Duty Rollators: Heavy-duty rollators have higher weight capacity and are ideal for providing balance support and assistance for individuals who require extra strength and stability while walking.
  • All-Terrain Rollators: For individuals who love outdoor activities or need to navigate rough terrains such as gravel paths or uneven surfaces, all-terrain rollators are the perfect choice. It has larger wheels with enhanced tread patterns, allowing for smooth movement on various surfaces.
  • Folding Rollators: This type of rollator is lightweight and folds easily, making it ideal for individuals who frequently travel or have limited storage space.

Knee Walkers

Knee walkers, also called knee scooters, are designed for individuals recovering from lower leg injuries or surgeries. They feature a padded knee rest and handlebars, allowing users to rest their injured leg on the seat or knee platform while propelling themselves forward with the other leg. Knee walkers offer a comfortable alternative to crutches and provide enhanced mobility during the healing process.

Upright Walkers

Upright walkers are innovative mobility aids that promote better posture while walking. They come with adjustable handles, armrests, and four wheels, providing stability and support. Upright walkers encourage an upright position, reducing strain on the back and shoulders. They are an excellent option for individuals with limited mobility or those who experience discomfort while using traditional walkers.

Specialty Walkers

There are also a variety of specialty rollator walkers available to cater to specific needs. These include bariatric walkers for individuals with higher weight capacities, pediatric walkers for children, and two-in-one rollator transport chairs that can be converted from a rollator to a wheelchair with a comfortable seat.

knee walker

Choosing the right type of mobility walker depends on factors such as the user’s mobility level, strength, and specific requirements. Consulting with a healthcare professional is crucial for finding the most suitable mobility aid for you.

Discover the latest selection of disability walkers available at Hello Mobility. Browse our online collection to find the perfect mobility aid for your needs. Our team works closely with Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists to ensure we offer honest, transparent, and knowledgeable service. You can trust that you’re getting the best in mobility solutions backed by years of experience and exceptional customer service.

If you prefer a hands-on experience, visit our Chermside store, conveniently located for our Northside and Sunshine Coast customers. For even more options, head to our Darra megastore where you can see and touch a wide range of products to make an informed decision. We are here to assist you every step of the way.