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Peak Ellipse Lite Outdoor Rollator


Peak Ellipse Lite Outdoor Rollator


The Peak Ellipse Lite Aluminium Outdoor Rollator features inbuilt suspension making it smoother for wheeling when outdoors and on uneven surfaces. The brakes are operable using the handgrips and are disc brakes. Push down on the brake handles to lock the rollator into place when transferring to the sitting position.

The 4 large wheels make it easier outdoor use. The rollator comes complete with a zippable bag positioned at the front for easy access. The seat is soft and padded. It also has a pull handle to fold the rollator sideways for storage. A clip then easily fastens to keep the rollator folded.

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  • Shock Absorbing Suspension
  • Bag & Padded Seat Included
  • Powerful Disc Brake
  • Curved Padded Backrest
  • Easily Folded


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