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Rothcare 3-Wheel Rollator


Rothcare 3-Wheel Rollator

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The Rothcare 3-Wheel Rollator features a lightweight aluminum frame, making it easy to move around. The height-adjustable handles ensure a comfortable fit for users of different heights. The walker has lockable brakes that can be engaged with a simple push-down technique. It is also easily foldable, making it convenient for quick storage or transportation.

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Rothcare 3-Wheel Rollator

The Rothcare 3-Wheel Rollator is a lightweight, portable mobility aid designed to offer support and stability for individuals who need extra assistance while walking. Weighing only 5kg, this rollator features a lightweight aluminum frame that makes it simple to lift and transport. With larger 8″ castor wheels, it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Key Features

  • Adjustable Height Handlebars: Customizable to fit users of different heights, ensuring proper posture and minimizing strain.
  • Convenient Basket: Allows users to carry personal items, groceries, or necessities, keeping hands free for better balance.
  • Lockable Brakes: Provides reliable stopping power for safety, especially useful on slopes or when resting.
  • Large Wheels: 200 x 50 mm solid wheels ensure stability and maneuverability on various surfaces.


  • Large Wheels: 200 x 50 mm solid
  • Overall Width: 65 cm
  • Folded Width: 30 cm
  • Length: 59 cm
  • Handle Height Range: 82 – 97 cm
  • Max User Weight: 110 kg
  • Weight of Basket & Tray: 0.7 kg
  • Unit weight: 5kgs

The compact folded width of 30 cm makes it easy to store in small spaces like car trunks or closets, making it highly portable.

Enhancing Mobility and Independence

The Rothcare 3-Wheel Walker helps users regain independence and confidence by providing a stable and supportive walking aid. Its features address common mobility issues, making daily tasks easier and safer. The compact folded width of 30 cm makes it easy to store in small spaces like car trunks or closets, making it highly portable.


The Rothcare 3-Wheel Rollator is a reliable, lightweight, and portable walking aid. Its adjustable features, convenient basket, lockable brakes, and large wheels make it versatile for enhancing mobility and independence. Whether for short-term recovery or long-term use, this rollator is designed to meet diverse needs, providing the support necessary for a more active and fulfilling life. Invest in the Rothcare 3-Wheel Rollator for improved mobility and independence.

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  • Locking brakes
  • Basket & tray are included
  • Central zippered bag is included
  • Detachable tray and basket


  • Safe working load: 110kgs
  • Width: 65cm
  • Length: 59cm
  • Handle height: 82-97cm
  • Unit weight: 5kgs

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